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The following file types are available:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • PDF

  • TIF


Omitting the Preview

For performance reasons, all renderings are usually not derived from the original DAM file. Instead, an intermediate prerendered RGB file is used, called master.png. This allows generating derivates very fast and independent of the original file size and quality.

But sometimes this also leads to unwanted data loss, for example, if the derivate should have more image pixels as the master.png has.

To enforce in such a case the usage of the original file for the rendering, there is an operation “Omit Preview” available:


In the example above the resulting image has the required bounding box of 2100px x 1500px (the derivated image itself has 1971px x 1500px). Without the “Omit Preview” operation the image would be limited to 1280px x 974px, because the master.png has by default a width of 1280px.

Applying a Gray Scale

Converts the image to a black and white image.