BS Skills

Bundle of various new and powerful tools and that accelerate project implementation by enhancing and simplifying important or basic tasks. Note: This license requires ESA SDK Professional.

Some of the contained features have dedicated websites:

See the PDF

The following PDF shows some highlights of the BS Skills:

Feature List

The following table lists all features:

Action UtilityAlphabetical Tree sortingPIM and MAM tree action that sorts all children alphabetically and recursively
Action UtilityInheritance ConsolidatorActive Script that finds common data in inherited attributes and pulls them up to the parent level
Action UtilityMerge Products to Folder Product list action, that merges selected products into a new folder with a common name and inherited attributes
Action UtilityFile Transfer ScriptActiveScript that synchronizes a local with a remote server using rsync via SSH
Action UtilityPreview Creator ScriptActive Script that assigns preview images to folders based on the first child found with an image
Action UtilityTime Machine Active Script that resets selected products to the version for a given timestamp in one action
ActiveScriptMAM Hotfolder UpdateActiveScript that allows updating MAM files through a hot folder
ActiveScriptTime MachineRollback products to a status for selected Timestamp
ActiveScriptWait ActiveScript FinalizerActiveScript post processing plugin, that allows waiting a defined number of seconds
Data FlowData Flow Import for data modelsActive Script that allows to build up attributes and classes from an Excel file
Data FlowData Flow Restservice ExportData Flow Export Connector to export data generate via Data Flows to external webservice pull requests
Data FlowData Flow XML Export LoaderData Flow Export Loader to generate XML files
Data FlowData Flow Restservice Import Data Flow Import Connector to import data from Restservices, Websites or any other HTTP source
Data FlowData Flow JSON Export LoaderAllows Data Flows to export to JSON files
Data FlowDynamic Field Mapping Import TransformationAllows to dynamically map target fields based on a data source column
Data FlowData Flow File Transfer Script FinalizerData Flow Script Finalizer that synchronizes local script result files to a remote server using rsync via SSH
Data FlowODBC Data Flow ExtractorAllows you to import data via Dataflow Import from an ODBC Connection
Data FlowMsSQL Data Flow ExtractorAllows you to import data via Dataflow Import from a Microsoft Database
Data TypeData Type Aggregated Children ValuesPlaceholder Plugin that aggregates values from children into a sum, average, count, min or max value
Data TypeData Type Channel UsagesPlaceholder Plugin that allows listing all channel nodes pointing to the object
Data TypeData Type Concat ValuesPlaceholder Plugin that merges multiple selected values from other attributes into a configurable string
Data TypeData Type Global Currency SelectionDropdown field with all currencies 
Data TypeData Type Languages SelectionDropdown field with all configured languages
Data TypeData Type Naming ConventionUpdates other attributes or names based on an Excel-style formula
Data TypeData Type Object PathPlaceholder Plugin that merges the hierarchy path of an object into a configurable string
Data TypeData Type Sub SelectPlaceholder Plugin that allows defining a dropdown field based on options selected in another dropdown
Data TypeData Type Translation OverviewGives a tabular overview of language-specific attributes and their translations
Data TypeData Type YouTube PlayerPlaceholder Plugin that creates a YouTube player based on an existing YouTube ID
Data TypeData Type Number SliderModern HTML5 Range Slider to visually select a number within a given range
Data TypeData Type Dependent SelectionSelection field with values dependent from another selection field driven by Excel File with valid combinations
Data TypeData Type Translation Overview TabShows an overview of all language dependency attributes and languages in one table
Data TypeData Type Dynamic ClassificationAllows to dynamically add and remove classes
Flex TemplateFlex Table Template for dynamic image listsFlex Table Template Plugin that creates a list of images for Pictograms, Accessory Lists, etc.
REST ServiceCheck Server AvailabilityCall admin/rest/alani/ping to see a performance analysis of your Contentserv server and network performance
Scheduler PluginRunning ActiveScripts without CronjobRegular triggering background ActiveScripts even without Cronjob
SmartTemplateGeneric Datasheet Smart TemplateHighly configurable SmartTemplate that renders any kind of PIM product
Studio PluginPublication Manager Studio PluginIntegrates the Publication Manager Portal Widget into the vertical navigation Widget to avoid another main tab
Studio PluginMerge Articles to Product List ActionCombines selected products into one folder within the common parent
Translation PluginTranslation Export with Context InformationTranslation Export that adds additional context attributes and a PDF datasheet link for the translator
UsabilityToolbar Button to switch List ModesAllows to switch from list to thumbnail view with one click
UsabilityFacebook Style Timeline for ProductsIntegrates into the context menu of product history and displays a complete timeline window for the product
Workflow ActionSynchronize Products with ChannelsWorkflow Action Plugin that allows to create, update or delete channels based on the original product
Workflow ActionSynchronizeViewsWorkflowActionCreates a dummy image and attaches it to the object as part of an Image Request Workflow
Workflow ActionDynamic Translation Workflow ActionWorkflow Action Plugin that allows deriving the target languages from an inheritable product attribute
Workflow Action Check Attributes Workflow ActionWorkflow Action Plugin that makes sure selected attributes are not empty