Installation and Licensing

All Contentserv Business Solutions are available via SVN checkout. Branches are available for CS18.0, CS19.0, CS20.0, CS21.0 and the trunk development version.

The software components have to be checked out via SVN to the project's modules directory by the operator of the server before licensing and configuration of business solutions.

Please make sure, you have

  • Access to the file system of the web server with sufficient user rights
  • SVN installed on the server
  • SVN account username and password ready for the Contentserv SVN server
  • SVN Knowhow to checkout and update software components

SVN Branches

The following SVN branches are the basis of the modules:


If you want to install a certain solution you need to check out at least the BSLive/modules/alani module as well as the module required. Please follow these steps:

  • Find your right branch in the table above
  • svn checkout the alani module to Project/modules/alani
  • svn checkout the module required to Project/modules/[modulename] e.g. if you need BS Media checkout CSLive/modules/alanimedia
  • Logout from your current Contentserv session
  • Log in and continue with the licensing steps


Once the required BS modules are checked out to the modules directory of your Contentserv project, make sure, that the usage of the module is also licensed unless the system is not a productive system.

On non-productive systems, all Business Solutions can be used without a license. On productive systems however you need to proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to System Preferences / Settings / BS / License and activate the modules required
  • Provide the required License Expiration Date
  • Provide the URLs or part of URLs you need to access the system through. Each line one URL can be entered.
  • If you get a red license warning, click on the Request License Button and send the email created
  • If you get a green license message, that means that either you already have a license or do not need a license. All BS modules can be used for testing and training purposes on non-productive environments or localhost for your own validation.
  • Go to System Preferences / Install / Update Data Model and execute this from the root for all modules to make sure, that the new licensed modules also get updated.

Checkout Folders per Module

The table below defines, which svn paths have to be checked out on a servers project module directory for which BS product:

BS-001BS Skills
BS-002BS Studio
BS-003BS Media
BS-004BS Permissions
BS-006BS RealTerm
BS-007BS Office
BS-008BS Google Manufacturer Center Connector
BS-009BS DeepSearch
BS-010BS TranslatePlus Connector
BS-011BS Analytics
BS-012BS Publishing Hub Connector
BS-013BS Productsup Connector
BS-014BS Amazon Seller Central Connector
BS-015BS Deepl TMS Connector
BS-016BS GlobalLink TMS Connector
BS-017BS Cockpit
BS-018BS Google TMS Connector
BS-019BS AX Semantics Connector
BS-020BS SDL Language Cloud Connector
BS-021BS Cloudinary CDN Connector
BS-022BS Review
BS-023BS Data Designer
BS-024BS Cloud Streams
BS-025BS Microsoft Translation Connector