BS Studio

BS Studio combines the flexible configuration of the OpenSearch Portal with the powerful PIM and DAM Studio including a tree by tree view and tree search.


Convert Collections into PIM Trees

  • Any OpenSearchCollection or Channel can be isolated as Sub-Tree

  • The classical StudioPortal Widget offers one Studio App for each Collection or Channel

Search PIM Trees

  • At the top border, a search box allows filtering the tree view

  • The search phrase will be sent against the simple Search API and remove all tree items not matching

  • Allows easy and quick navigation also in large and clustered tree structures

Tree Selection

  • The “BS Studio” is a truly open selection of various navigation concepts

  • Select from subtrees for Categories, Channels, Favorites, or the classic full PIMStudio tree with all possibilities

Tree by Tree View

  • Innovative new Tree-by-Tree alignment allows keeping the focus on multiple areas of interest at the same time without scrolling

  • Drag & drop is possible from list to a tree or tree to tree

  • Drag products on products to create references

  • Drag products on channels

  • Drag attributes on classes

  • Drag classes on products

Setup and Configuration

General Settings


In Settings → BS → Studio you can configure two things:

  • Which Dashboard the studio uses


  • Where the Collections you can use in the BS Studio come from (Open Search or Deep Search)

Populating the BS Studio with content

Collections can be defined in the Search Settings:

You can then select the Collections you want to display in the vertical navigation via the Widget Options:

The selected content (e.g. Collections or Favorites) then shows up in the vertical navigation and can be used within the Studio.

A little trick

When you are working with the tree-by-tree view and you click on an item in the left tree, the right tree will be closed. You can then bring the second tree back by clicking a button:

SVN Branches

CS Version

SVN Branch

Installation & Licensing

Note: This plugin requires ESA SDK Professional.

Please refer to Installation and Licensing for the installation and licensing process.

In a nutshell

The following PDF gives a simple overview of the BS Studio Module. This PDF can be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

Download the BS Studio PDF