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BS GlobalLink TMS Connector

GlobalLink is a global leader and innovator in translation solutions and services. Detailed information about their services can be found at

The Contentserv TMS module allows for collecting content, for example, from a PIM product and creates translation jobs from it. TMS plugins can then pick up the terms in those translation jobs and exchange them with external translation management solutions.

The BS GlobalLink TMS Connector connects the Contentserv TMS via a REST API with the GlobalLink platform. It can export any translation job from Contentserv to GlobalLink. The actual translations are then performed on the GlobalLink platform. Completed translations are imported back to Contentserv, and subsequent Workflow Actions can be triggered automatically.

Together, the Contentserv TMS and the BS GlobalLink TMS Connector allow for building a sophisticated end to end translation pipeline.

The BS GlobalLink TMS Connector has been officially certified by GlobalLink. The certification process was completed on November 26th, 2020. The certification states that the connector supports all use cases required for certified integrations and that the solution is architected as recommended by GlobalLink. To achieve this, the connector was implemented in close cooperation with GlobalLink.

We have done this certification to ensure that both we and GlobalLink are convinced that the connector enables you to make optimal use of the GlobalLink platform's features.

Installation and Setup

The connector module can be checked out from the svn repository:

To use the GlobalLink Connector, the license option has to be activated in the BS License settings.

Then, the connection with the GlobalLink API can be established by providing your credentials in the configuration. Those credentials consist of the URL of your GlobalLink backend, a username, and a password.

Once the connection is established, you can set some default values used when translation jobs are created. The Debug Mode writes additional log files and should only be activated for debugging purposes.

The next step is to add the GlobalLink Connector to the list of available Export Plugins.

Now you can select the BS GlobalLink Translation Export for any TMS job, submit the data to GlobalLink for translation and import the content back once the translation is finished.

Integration with the Contentserv Translation Manager

Like all other Contentserv TMS connectors, the GlobalLink connector hooks into the “Automatic Export” drop-down in the “Export” tab of TMS jobs:

The following options are available:





New state of the imported entries

Defines to which state the reimported terms should be set.


The connector that’s used for the translation job. A default value can be defined in the global settings.

Source Locale

The language to translate from.

Target Locales

The languages to translate into.


Instructions to be sent with the translation job. This information will be passed to the translators in GlobalLink.

Smart Preset

For products, the respective Smart Document (PDF) will be attached as context information with the submission.

Due date in days

The due date for the translation. A default value can be defined in the global settings.

Workflow Action

Workflow Actions that will be performed after the translation is finished. Note: Completed translations will be imported back to the Contentserv TMS on a per-language level. Thus also, the Workflow Actions are executed once for each language that has been translated.

Submission Name

The name of the submission. It is visible to translators in GlobalLink. By default, this is set to the name of the translation job in Contentserv, but it can be overwritten with any value.

Custom Attributes

Those fields can be set up in the GlobalLink backend and are project-specific. Custom Attributes can be text fields or dropdowns. They can be optional or mandatory.

The export is executed when the “Cloud Upload” button in the toolbar is clicked.

Once the translation job was sent, the status of the submission is displayed. Completed translations can be imported back to the Contentserv TMS on a per-language level.

This module ships with the BS GlobalLink Import Active Script Plugin.

Each time this Active Script runs, it will query for completed translations and import them to the Contentserv TMS.

The logs of the Active Jobs provide information about the imported translations. If a submission was already completed and delivered and gets reopened in GlobalLink, the situation can occur that the submission cannot be reimported to Contentserv automatically. In that case, you will also find this specific entry in the logs of this Script’s Active Jobs to resolve this situation.

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