BS Google Manufacturer Center Connector

Google Manufacturer Center helps you provide the most up-to-date and authoritative product info into Google, making it available to potential customers. Using this Connector built as Contentserv Data Flow Export Loader Plugin it is easy to create and update product information directly from within Contentserv.

All product data is collected, transformed and sent directly to the Google Manufacturer API using the Contentserv Data Flow Export engine in combination with an Export Loader Plugin. Mappings are created with a wizard, that automatically creates all target fields available for the Google Manufacturer Center.

Products are created or updated on the fly when running the Data Flow Export.

Uploaded products are verified by Google and all issues reported will be imported back to Contentserv Tasks attached to your products. This way the product managers will find issues to fix directly within their workflow or from the Contentserv dashboard.

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In a nutshell

The following PDF gives an easy overview of the BS Google Manufacturer Centre Connector. This PDF can be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

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