MAM Hotfolder Update

The MAM Hotfolder Update is an ActiveScript that checks a hot folder for incoming files ("drop files") and uses them to replace existing MAM files ("match files") where ever they can be found. The mapping between the file found in the hot folder and the files to be replaced is based on the hot file name one side and a configurable attribute or the file name on the other side.


To start the configuration create a new Active Script and assign the "BS MAM Hotfolder Update" plugin:

Then define the following parameters:

Hot FolderThe folder to check for incoming drop filesHotFolder (13755)
Unknown Files FolderFiles that can not be matched are moved into this folderUnknown (13756)
Search FoldersOne or multiple folders withing those the match files are searched forImages (8602)

Search Attribute

The attribute of the MAM file that should contain exactly the hot file name.ExernalKey
InformationInformation field to explain what will happen when the script is executed.


When the script is executed the following steps are processed:

  • The hot folder is synchronized to make sure that all files within the folder are also registered properly in the MAM. For that reason it is not important, how the drop files reached into the hot folder. So they can be uploaded through the MAM itself or simply could be copied there through a sFTP or SMB access.
  • Folders within the hot folder are ignored
  • Files within the hot folder are then processed according to the "Search Attribute" setting
  • For each file the hot file name without the file extension is used as search for all files within the "Search Folders" that have exactly the hot file name as value for the "Search Attribute"
  • If the "Search Attribute" is "Filename" then the complete hot file name is considered for the search and all files with the exact same file name and type are searched.
  • If no file is found, the hot file will be moved into the configured "Unknown Files Folder", unless there is another file with the same name
  • If one or more match files are found, the hot file content will overwrite all match files without changing their MAM FileID or meta data. Afterwards the hot file will be deleted and removed from the MAM and file system.

Running the Script

In this example the MAM hot folder was prepared as follows:

As "Search Attribute" the "FileName" was used.

  • People-A.jpg exists at /Demo/Images/People/People-A.jpg
  • Pepole-Z.jpg does not exist

When the script is executed manually or as scheduled task the files are processed:

The MAM files remaining are as follows:

As usual activating the creation of debug messages at the "Automations" tab will show more details, when the list "Level" is set to "Debug".