BS Productsup Connector

offers an innovative, easy-to-use platform for product content syndication, feed management, marketplace integration, and vendor onboarding. Using the SaaS solution, brands and retailers of all kinds can stay agile and easily master any product content challenges they may face.

With 1500+ channels available, Productsup supports the largest assortment of integrations for feed management and product content syndication, from the most popular to your own custom exports.

The Contentserv Business Solution "BS Poductsup Connector" now allows to convert any Contentserv Data Flow Export into a Productsup import and from there schedule an export to any of the channels listed at

Contentserv Setup

To use the BS Productsup Connector the corresponding Business Solution Code has to be checked out from or the required CS version.

Afterwards the BS Productsup Connector License can be activated as usual in the BS License Settings:

Once the license is activated the API connection credentials can be provided at System Preferences / Settings / BS / Productsup Connector:

The credentials for the Client ID and Secret are available from your Productsup contact.

Data Flow Export Integration

The solution is now actually delivered as classical Contentserv Data Flow Export Loader plugin. This allows to convert any Data Flow Export to a Productsup Import data source.

Beside the normal Data Flow Export settings the configuration of the Productsup Connector is quite simple by providing:

  • Data Target Type: here the connector plugin "BS Productsup Connector" is selected
  • Productsup Site: choose the Productsup Project and Site you want to import into
  • Mode: Full or Delta
  • ID Field: Which column of your export is the unique identifier

When the Data Flow is executed the data will be exported from Contentserv and then sent via the Productsup REST API.

Importing in Productsup

Running the Data Flow Export will automatically create a Productsup Data Source of type "Products from ProductsUp Data API" within your Site:

Withing Productsup the Data Source then can be imported manually by pressing the Import Button or via a Schedule. From there any Channel Export can be configured in the Data Map:

In this example we have created a simple sFTP connection and created a mapping from the Import via the Intermediate to the Export target:

When adding a new Export over 1500 channels are available:

In a nutshell

The following PDF gives a simple overview of the BS Productsup Connector. This PDF can be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

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See the Video

More details were recorded in a video available at