Content Viewer for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and 50+ other formats

BS Office introduces a new content viewer for many popular office and document file formats.

The content viewer is integrated in the Contentserv DAM editor and appears automatically for all supported file types in the first "Content" tab.The viewer shows thumbs on the left frame, and when you click a thumb the page on the right. The pages can be scrolled through in the right frame in one document. When you click on a page it will be opened in a detailed popup window. The content viewer does currently not support the notes known from the PDF or InDesign Viewer. This feature however could be delivered as feature request.

The size of the thumbnail navigation depends on frame width selected:

The document reader frame on the right side automatically uses the remaining space:

Additionally of course supported file types wil automatically be visualized where ever a preview is shown like in the DAM Thumbnail or OpenSearch Listings.

Supported File Formats

Beside the important Microsoft Office file formats like

  • MS Word (doc, docx, dot, dotx)
  • MS PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx)
  • MS Excel (xls, xlsx, xlt, xltx)
  • MS Visio Drawings (vsd, vsdx, vdx, vst, vstx)

also other formats are available like

  • Apple Pages (pages)
  • Apple Keynote (key)
  • Apple Numbers (numbers)
  • RichText (rtf)

as well as the Open Document formats

  • Open-Document Chart (odc)
  • Open-Document Formula (odf)
  • Open-Document Graphic (odg)
  • Open-Document Image (odi)
  • Open-Document Master (odm)
  • Open-Document Presentation (odp)
  • Open-Document Spreadsheet (ods)
  • Open-Document Text (odt)

are automatically shown in the content viewer window. The complete list of file types is

  • doc
  • docx
  • dot
  • dotx
  • log
  • mpp
  • mpt
  • pot
  • potx
  • pps
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptx
  • pub
  • rtf
  • vdx
  • vsd
  • vsdx
  • vst
  • vstx
  • wpd
  • wps
  • wri
  • xls
  • xlsb
  • xlsx
  • xlt
  • xltx
  • mml
  • ots
  • pot
  • pps
  • pxl
  • sgl
  • smf
  • srw
  • stc
  • sti
  • stw
  • sxc
  • sxg
  • sxi
  • sxm
  • sxw
  • vor
  • wv2
  • key
  • numbers
  • pages

System Requirements

The good news is, that there is NO additional system requirement to any existing Contentserv installation. All renderings are technically not processed on the server environment but instead sent to an convert API that is able to render all those file formats.


This external convert API is delivered as micro service which requires an account at This of course makes it necessary to send the rendered file encrypted through HTTPS to the API, where it will be rendered and then deleted.

The exact privacy policy of ConvertAPI is:

  • Submitted data and the generated files are kept only for the time necessary to efficiently process your requests.
  • The Service may send you email concerning the Service or your account at any time.
  • The Service will not sell your email address to anyone.
  • The Service may provide information concerning your account and your use of the Service to 3rd parties, at its sole discretion, if it is requested by law enforcement authorities.

More detailed Security Overview can be found at

As ConvertAPI does not store any file on the server, it is also not able to cache the rendering results. For this reason Contentserv itself caches the rendering results, so that no file is sent twice to the service, as long as the file content does not change.

The ConvertAPI Service costs are covered by the license fee including up to 10.000 files per year. It is also possible to create a custom ConvertAPI account and register the ConvertAPI Secret in the BS Office settings:

The ConvertAPI Secret can be found on the ConvertAPI Website in the account authentication settings.

Document Preview generation via Active Script

Previews are generated by an Active Script that sends documents to

The script can be configured 'Context Sensitive' so that it can be executed from the tree or list context menus.

The script can be used to regenerate the previews for files for the Content Viewer.