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All updates within the Business Solutions are listed with the latest additions at the top of the table. We recommend to "watch" this page if you want to keep in touch with all updates.



Nov 04, 2022BS Onboarding PortalIntroducing the new Match Merge PreviewAdministrators can now preview modifications to product data within an updated catalog in the new Merge screenDetails
Oct 06, 2022BS PermissionsAdded CS Permissions to MAM StudioExtension of CS permissions to MAM StudioDetails
Sep 29, 2022BS Onboarding PortalAdded Version HistoryCatalogs are now versioned automatically or can be persisted as snapshots. Older versions can be restored if required.Details
Sep 27, 2022BS SkillsAdded a configurable ID field for the Data Flow JSON Export LoaderThe Data Flow JSON export loader now allows selecting any of the export fields to be used as key field in the resulting JSON arrayDetails
Sep 19, 2022GeneralDeprecated Modules and FeaturesA list of deprecated BS Modules and Features. Those will be removed in the future.Details
Sep 19, 2022BS Onboarding PortalBS Onboarding Portal StudioAdded a dedicated Studio for the Onboarding Manager including Columns, Templates, Suppliers, Catalogs, Messages and ProductsDetails
Sep 19, 2022BS Onboarding PortalIntroducing the new Onboarding Portal DashboardAdded a Dashboard for Onboarding Portal-specific elements like Catalogs, Messages and Products to be used by both, the suppliers and Onboarding Managers.Details
Sep 15, 2022BS Onboarding PortalAdded Cloud Stream support for Onboarding Portal Template Columns, Templates and Suppliers can now be streamed using Cloud Streams.Details
Sep 5, 2022BS MediaAdded webp support for export presetsAdded webp as additional export format to BS Media Export Preset function "Format"Details
Aug 9, 2022Onboarding PortalAdded new setup wizardAdded an installation and setup wizard to speed up the initial configurationDetails
July 18, 2022BS DeepL TMS ConnectorCustom glossaries for DeepL translationsDeepL glossaries can be created and managed from Contentserv. The glossaries can be used for all DeepL translations. This allows for much more customized translations.Details
July 18, 2022BS DeepL TMS ConnectorTranslate documents with DeepLSupports the translation of PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Text documents with DeepL.Details
July 06, 2022BS SkillsSimple Excel ExportAdded a new simple Excel Export, that can be called up and configured by business users in the PIM studio.Details
July 04, 2022BS Onboarding PortalProduct Maintenance by SuppliersProducts in PIM can now be linked/assigned to Suppliers either manually, or automatically when imported using Catalogs.Details
July 04, 2022BS Onboarding PortalSupplier Communication with MessagesIntroducing the new Messages feature allowing Suppliers and PIM Administrators to communicate regarding any issues or activities.Details
June 10, 2022BS SkillsAdded Filter Row Data Flow Transformation to skip RowsA new Data Flow transformation type was added that allows to skip rows under certain conditionsDetails
June 01, 2022BS Data DesignerDevelopment of the BS Data Designer is discontinuedThe functionality of the BS Data Designer is replaced by the (new) BMEcat Designer.Details
May 31, 2022BS SkillsData Flow Export Orchestrator ScriptThis Active Script exports multiple Data Flow Export scripts in multiple languages to different worksheets of the same .xlsx file. It can be configured as context-sensitive.Details
May 19, 2022BS OfficeFile Conversion to PDF via Workflow ActionFile Conversion via BS Office File Converter is now available as a Workflow Action. The feature can convert many file formats (including Microsoft Office) to PDF.Details
May 05, 2022BMEcat DesignerDocumentation for BMEcat Designer / ETIM ExportsDocumentation for the export functionality has been added.Details
Apr 24, 2022BS Ax SemanticsNew configuration option "Import Layer"The new configuration option allows for generating text for an object and assigning the generated text to a parent folder instead of the object the text was generated from.Details
Apr 12, 2022BS RealTermConfiguration change in the "BS Terminology Check" Workflow Action PluginThe "Attribute Filter" configuration option in the "BS Terminology Check" Workflow Action Plugin was conflicting with the configuration of other Workflow Action Plugins. The setting had to be renamed and must be reconfigured. The patch will be rolled out SaaS on Monday, April 18th for NON-PROD tenants and on Thursday, April 21st for PROD tenants.Details
Apr 10, 2022BS OfficeWriting Office Document PropertiesSynchronization of DAM attribute values to Microsoft Office Document Properties.Details
Mar 17, 2022BS BMEcat DesignerAdded a new business solution to import and export BMEcat files in combination with Cloud Stream-driven standard data models.Added a new module "BMEcat Designer", that can export and import multilingual 2005 BMEcat files in combination with Cloud Stream-driven standard data models.Details
Mar 17, 2022BS Amazon S3 ConnectorIntroduced separate attributes for S3 Key and Url along with important bugfixesWe learned that the S3 Key can not be reliably be derived from the S3 Object Url and we need to store both separately on the DAM asset, which needs a reconfiguration per project now. This fixes also the issue, that files with special characters could not be updated or deleted.Details
Mar 08, 2022BS Cloud StreamsImproved streaming of large amounts of classes and attributesGreatly improved the performance when large amounts of attributes and classes were streamed.Details
Mar 03, 2022BS Cloud StreamsAdded a new Stream Type for Project DictionariesAdded a new stream type "Dictionaries" that allows transporting project-specific translationsDetails
Feb 08, 2022BS SkillsBS Data Model ImporterAdded support to import also DAM attributes and classes in the
Feb 08, 2022BS MediaImage PresetsAdded a fuzz parameter to the trim function.Details
Jan 28, 2022BS Onboard ManagerLocalizationReplaced English wordings in the UI by tokens and added dictionaries for English, German, French and Japanese.
Dec 15, 2021BS Google Vision ConnectorSupport for value ranges as keyword fieldsWhen the field for the keywords is a value range then the keywords are automatically added to the value range, translated and assigned.Details
Dec 09, 2021BS DeepL TMS ConnectorSupports more specific locales for translationWhere possible the most specific locale is used as the target translation language (e.g. "EN-GB" or "EN-US" instead of just "EN").Details
Dec 09, 2021GeneralMigration to PHP8An overview of the migration status to PHP8 for individual modules. Subscribe to the article to stay updated on the progress.Details
Dec 07, 2021BS SkillsAdded BS Translate with Excel FileSupports File format xlsx, the exported file is saved to a hot folder in the MAM and Attributes can be added as context information for the translatorDetails
Nov 29, 2021BS Onboard ManagerPublic Beta Release of the new Onboard ManagerWelcome to the new Onboard Manager allowing suppliers and vendors to simplify and enhance their experience in onboarding product content into the Contentserv PIM.Details
Nov 28, 2021BS SkillsAdded Review EditorAdded a new PIM Editor displaying a subtree next to the product showing the product, parent and siblingsDetails
Nov 28, 2021BS CockpitAdded Class and State Filter to Object Selection TilesAdded Filters for Item Class and Item State to various Object Selection Tiles as the Object List, Workflow Charts and more.
Nov 24. 2021BS SkillsExtended the "Dependent Selection Field CSType" to DAMThe attribute type was extended to be used in DAM attributes as well. Contributed by Jörg Neugebauer, Studio1®. Thank you very much!Details
Nov 23, 2021BS Cloudinary ConnectorUpdated the documentationThe Cloudinary Connector now is available also on the SaaS platform. The documentation was updated.Details
Nov 19, 2021BS Cloud StreamsChanged the Cloud Stream DNS SetupThe Cloud Streaming Server DNS has changed. Please make sure to svn update your modules/cloudstream module to use the new streaming server properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Nov 19, 2021BS MediaAdded 3D Viewer for GLB FilesAdded a DAM Viewer Plugin to display GLB Files with a 3D ViewerDetails
Nov 13, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded new Cloud Stream for GHS Precautionary StatementsUnder the Cloud Stream ID 0EEF7F four new value ranges have been published listing the so-called "H- und P-Sätze". They are often used as a set of standardized phrases giving advice about the correct handling of chemical substances and mixtures,Details
Nov 13, 2021BS AX Semantics ConnectorText from AX Semantics can now be imported to multiple target attributesThe previous "Target Attribute" was changed to a multi attribute selector "Target Attributes" and allows now to import one AX document to multiple attributes in one transaction.Details
Nov 12, 2021BS DeepSearchChanges in the facet generation with ElasticsearchWith CS21.3 the Elasticsearch index and the API for generating facets have changed. The checkbox for "Faceted Search" in the attribute settings must be activated to enable Facet generation with Elasticsearch for supported attribute types in the DeepSearch (in addition to the configuration of the DeepSearch Facets).Details
Nov 04, 2021BS Publishing Hub ConnectorAdd MAM attribute exportAdd support for MAM attribute export for files select in PIM attribute selector.Details
Oct 25, 2021BS OfficeAdd Custom Function Placeholders to Smart Excel DocsCustom function placeholders can be implemented in a PHP Smart Template. The placeholders can then be used in the Excel Templates. This enhances the flexibility of Smart Excel Documents by combining the possibilities of PHP functions with simple templates in Microsoft Excel.Details
Oct 15, 2021BS Google ConnectorAdded setting for a minimum confidence scoreIt is possible now to control the minimum confidence that has to be reached by a keyword sugestion to be used as metadata. So far the default was fixed to 50%.Details
Oct 05, 2021GeneralMigration to PHP8Discontinued and removed the modules vlb, ebay, oneworldsync, alkemics, Video Manager and alanireview.
Sep 30, 2021BS Amazon S3 ConnectorAdded a new CDN connector plugin for Amazon S3 BucketsAdded a new CDN connector that publishes a DAM folder to an Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket.Details
Sep 21, 2021BS MediaWriting metadataThis operation adds metadata to the resulting image.Details
Sep 18, 2021BS Skills and ReviewAdded Mail Notification Event ListenerDonated a BS Event Plugin that will keep users updated with changes sent via E-MailDetails
Sep 18, 2021BS Skills and ReviewAdded modern and simple Task ListDonated the simple Task List previously known from the BS Review module to the BS Skills and removed BS Review from code.Details
Sep 14, 2021BS SkillsAdded onAfterRename and onAfterPreview Events to BS Events FrameworkWith onAfterRename and onAfterPreviewCreated (for DAM Files only), two new events have been added that can be implemented by event plugins.Details
Sep 2, 2021BS Cloudinary ConnectorAdded a Sales PowerPointA new Sales PowerPoint for the BS Cloudinary Connector is available.Details
Aug 31, 2021BS Media

Applying a text label on the Fly

This operation adds Text to the resulting image.Details
Aug 04, 2021BS Cloud StreamsChanged Cloud Streams options for frequency and availability when sending streamsThe automated per-minute streaming was removed and stream durations over a year were restricted to the Cloud Streams Pro license to avoid thoughtless misuse of the streaming infrastructure.
Jul 21, 2021BS Skills

Display of Product Info in the Translation Term List

Added a List Plugin for Translation Terms to display the label and identifier of translated products.

Jul 07, 2021BS Publishing Hub ConnectorMulti-Lingual ExportsAdded a multi-language selector to export multiple languages in one fileDetails
Jun 25, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded Workflow Status Mapping when importing Item StreamsWhen Product or DAM streams are received, it is possible now to map the workflow states of the stream to the local workflow statesDetails
May 27, 2021BS OfficeUse PowerPoint slides from PowerPoint documents in the Contentserv DAM with the Add-in for Microsoft OfficeJust like you can insert images, you can insert individual slides or complete PowePoint presentations via the Add-in for Microsoft Office.
Note: The feature is not yet available for all versions of MS PowerPoint, but Microsoft is continually rolling out feature support in the Office 366 update channels.
May 19, 2021BS OfficeAdded a Smart Renderer to convert files to PDFRenders nearly any file format to PDF implemented as a Smart Template.
May 17, 2021BS Google ConnectorAdded Object DetectionObject detection was added to the BS Google Connector settings and allow to learn from Google which objects can be seen in an image.
May 12, 2021GeneralAdded SVN branch for CS21All Business Solutions are available and supported for CS21 now. The SVN repository has been extended to a CS21 branch for that.Details
May 11, 2021BS DeepSearchTheme Filter for FacetsIn the facet definition, you can now specify for which themes facets are available.Details
May 04, 2021BS OfficeBS Office File ConverterAdded an article explaining the new BS Office File Converter for converting office documents to PDF. Details

Mai 01, 2021

BS Cloud Streams

Added Cloud Stream License Options Table

Added an article explaining the Cloud Streams and Cloud Streams Pro license scenarios.Details
Apr 30, 2021BS DeepSearchDownload starts immediately if just one download format is availableBoth for files and products and for individual items and mass downloads the download is now triggered immediately if there is only a single download option.Details
Apr 28, 2021BS SkillsAdded documentation for the Replace Text Data Flow Action PluginWhile the feature was there for a while, the documentation has been missing and was added now.Details
Apr 28, 2021BS SkillsAdded documentation for the BS Bulk Update and Data Flow Action PluginWhile the feature was there for a while, the documentation has been missing and was added now.Details
Apr 22, 2021BS OfficeReleased a major update for Word Smart Documents and added DocumentationThis includes an update of the library used for rendering Microsoft Word (.docx) documents, a new syntax for Template Variables, and many improvements. Have a look at the documentation!Details
Apr 22, 2021BS RealTermExclude Attributes from Terminology RulesAdded the option to exclude attributes from the terminology check so that they are ignored for specific rules.Details
Apr 4, 2021BS StudioMultiple Improvements to the BS NavigatorAdded configurable Icon Size, added more link types like filtered Objects-Tree and ActiveScripts, added tooltips for links, updated documentation.Details
Apr 2, 2021BS Google Vision ConnectorMigration to the BS Event Queue and added documentation

The BS Google Vision Connector now is implemented as a BS Event Queue plugin and can run stand-alone without any other BS modules. Added detailed documentation. Make sure to reconfigure previous integrations.

Mar 31, 2021BS Youtube ConnectorMigration to the BS Event Queue and added documentationThe BS Youtube Connector now is implemented as a BS Event Queue plugin and can run stand-alone without any other BS modules. Added detailed documentation. Make sure to reconfigure previous integrations.Details
Mar 30, 2021BS StudioAdded nested BS Navigator linksConverted the flat list of links to a tree hierarchy of linksDetails
Mar 21, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded Language MappingAdded language mapping settings between the incoming stream languages and the local project languagesDetails
Mar 13, 2021BS StudioAdded BS Navigator WidgetAdded a new modern, navigation panel with a streamlined and highly customizable look.Details
Mar 05, 2021BS Data DesignerAdded support for English ETIM 5, 6 and 7Added English localization for ETIM classes and properties
Mar 04, 2021BS AIMAdded new Google Vision featuresAdded new integration scenarios for the Google Vision integration like DAM editor button, workflow action and Active Script integration.
Feb 20, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded Skin Settings StreamA new Cloud Stream data type plugin "Skin Settings" was added to stream core skin settings from the global preferences.Details
Feb 20, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded Comet Template StreamsA new Cloud Stream data type plugin was added to stream Comet page and product templates.Details
Feb 16, 2021BS DeepSearchFaster facet building using Elastic SearchThe performance of facet building got greatly improved now when Elastic Search is available
Feb 14, 2021BS DeepSearchAdded sort options for facetsThe Default Facet Plugin supports ascending and descending sorting options now
Feb 14, 2021BS SkillsAdded PIM attribute converter (with BS Labs)Added a new wizard that allows converting PIM attributes to other formats including their data.Details
Feb 13, 2021BS LabsIntroducing BS LabsAdded the BS Labs license concept, which allows experimental features for field testing before the final production release.Details
Feb 07, 2021BS Cloud StreamsAdded notarization of Cloud StreamsFor improved security and for better support overview Cloud Stream Transactions are now automatically notarized when publishing and receiving.Details
Feb 01, 2021BS Cloud StreamsVarious improvements and bug fixesCloud Streams are constantly improved and became more reliable and flexible. Transport of products and their classes, attributes and value ranges are quite stable now. Leaving Beta Status, as soon as we are getting more positive feedback from testers.Details
Feb 01, 2021BS RealTermAdded a new terminology rule to identify valid TermsA new terminology rule, that visualizes terms contained in the glossary as valid terms.Details
Feb 01, 2021BS DeepSearchAdded Class and Tag Filters to DeepSearch AreasIt is possible now to provide class and tag filters within the DeepSearch Area definition.Details
Jan 30, 2021BS SkillsAdded Class Icon Selector DialogAdded a popup dialog to search and select class icons with colorDetails
Jan 28, 2021BS RealTermAdded aspell language definition to the language editorAdded aspell language definition to the language editor if the normal spellchecker is not licensed. Contributed by Andi Dietenhauser, SDZeCOM. Many Thanks.Details
Jan 27, 2021BS CloudStreamsMultiple ImprovementsMultiple bug fixes and features like adding PIM classes and attributes when sending products, support for Windows file system when sending modules and more.Details
Jan 24, 2021BS CloudStreamsAdded CloudStream with German Commodity Codes 2021 ("Zolltarifnummern")Added a CloudStream to the marketplace that allows downloading the German Commodity Codes ("Zolltarifnummern") as Value RangeDetails
Jan 18, 2021BS SkillsAdded new report mode to the timeline CSTypeAdded a dropdown "Display" to the timeline CSType that allows embedding a timeline report into the PIM EditorDetails
Dec 18, 2020BS SkillsAdded free Contentserv SMTP account for sending mailsMails sent through BS Skills do no longer require a custom SMTP account. InsteadDetails
Dec 18, 2020BS SkillsExtended aggregated children placeholder to a generic aggregated object list placeholderGeneralized the selection of objects to multiple selection modes like references or childrenDetails
Dec 17, 2020BS SkillsNew options when creating very large BS XML ExportsAdded an option to skip empty elements in order to decrease file size and memory consumptionDetails
Dec 15, 2020BS DeepSearchNew Layout for a large number of search areasInstead of horizontal scrolling now search areas are laid out in multiple lines nowDetails
Dec 14, 2020BS CloudStreamsAdded stream type for Measuring UnitsAdded a specialized and fully functional stream type taking care of streaming Measuring UnitsDetails
Dec 12, 2020BS Semaino ConnectorInitial CommitAdded a REST Service optimized for outbound Semaino connections
Dec 09, 2020BS SkillsAdded BS Event Plugin to update referenced items on check-inAdded useful BS Event Plugin that checks out and in referenced items whenever an object is changed.Details
Dec 09, 2020BS OfficeMultiple improvements for BS Smart Excel DocumentsImproved reliability when exporting complex Flex Tables to Smart Excel Documents.Details
Dec 07, 2020BS DeepSearchOptimizations for very large amounts of search itemsLimited the number of items that can be added to a share at once to 1000 and stopped adding all items when creating a new share automatically.Details
Dec 02, 2020BS DeepSearchOption to limit the "Everywhere Search"Beside multiple performance and caching optimizations, a new option was added to limit the "Everywhere Search" to a subset of search areasDetails
Nov 26, 2020BS GlobalLink TMS connectorOfficial Certification by GlobalLink. Multiple new features and use cases supported.We did a complete reimplementation of the connector in close cooperation with GlobalLink. The purpose of the certification process was to ensure that all use cases required for certified connectors are supported. This makes sure that you can utilize the full potential of the GlobalLink platform.Details
Nov 23, 2020BS SkillsBS Event support for PIM channelsWith the latest update also PIM Channels can retrieve events when channels are created, updated or deleted.Details
Nov 20, 2020BS TranslatePlus ConnectorDocumentation and new option added.Documentation and an option to enable/disable logging added. There is also a treatment for language IDs that do not exist in CS.Details
Nov 17, 2020BS Data DesignerExtension of the BMEcat Export plugin interfaceAllows customer-specific implementation for article price details (ARTICLE_PRICE_DETAILS) and article attachment handling (MIME_INFO) over a plugin interface.Details
Nov 08, 2020BS CockpitImage quality restrictions in the Upload TileAllowing to configure criteria for uploaded images like filesize, filetype, image width, height, area, colorspace and dpi.
Nov 07, 2020BS PermissionsAdded "Locking" support for Tree Menu EditorsAllowing to lock also editors with tree menusDetails
Nov 05, 2020BS OfficeAdded Language Chooser for Search Plugin for MS PowerPoint, Word, and ExcelAdded Language Chooser, so that you can switch between all configured CS Languages in Search Plugin for MS PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.Details
Nov 04, 2020BS DeepSearchSimplified Search Item Selection and DownloadThe selection of items is now always available and the previous "Select Mode" historyDetails
Nov 04, 2020BS PermissionsAdded "Locking" of visible TabsIt is possible now to select editable tabs along with visible tabs, which are then visible but locked from editing.Details
Nov 02, 2020BS SkillsLanguage-specific Hotfolder Linking between Products and FilesThe "Hotfolder Linking" that allows to auto-link files to products by naming convention supports now language-specific file reference attributes.Details
Nov 01, 2020BS MediaAdded new "Omit Preview" Export Preset PluginAdded a new export preset option "Omit Preview" to enforce usage of the original DAM asset for renderings instead of the master.pngDetails
Oct 31, 2020BS SkillsImproved "Merge to Folder" List Action on ProductsAdded documentation and authorization check for "Merge to Folder" list actionDetails
Oct 26, 2020BS SkillsAdded HTTP Request Active Job FinalizerAdded a new Active Job Finalizer, that allows sending Active Script Results via HTTP Request to a remote REST Service via POST, PUT, GET, etc.Details
Oct 13, 2020BS MediaColor Profile Conversion in Export PresetsAdded a new Color Profile plugin, that allows converting images from one color profile to another including the definition of the rendering intent.Details
Oct 12, 2020BS MediaInDesign and Links Package ExportAdded an export button to download InDesign files together with the linked images in one zip package.Details
Oct 09, 2020BS MediaAdded Differential Media File ExportAdded a BS Event Plugin to regularly export changed files to remote target systems.Details
Oct 09, 2020BS ReviewAdded documentationAdded an article explaining the BS Review features.Details
Oct 06, 2020BS FlexChartsBS FlexCharts is available as a (free) Cloud StreamFlex Charts allow creating beautiful diagrams based on PIM data by pure configuration. Flex Charts are configured in exactly the same way as Flex Tables.Details
Oct 06, 2020BS DeepSearchSmart Preset for View Links configurableAdded a new configuration Field to the Deep Search Area Configuration to set the Smart Preset used for the "view links" for search results.Details
Oct 05, 2020BS DeepSearchFacet Type: ReferenceThe new "Reference" Facet Type builds search facets from reference attributes.Details
Oct 02, 2020BS DeepSearchPerformance Improvements, Dark Preview Box, preview images for products in the right Preview BoxThe HTML generation for search results works faster now. In the Deep Search 'Behavioral Settings' you can now enable 'Dark Mode'. The right preview box now shows the preview images of prodcuts.Details
Sep 15, 2020BS MediaAdded new Media URL Viewer CSTypeAdded a new CSType that allows visualizing image URLs stored in PIM attributesDetails
Sep 14, 2020BS Data DesignerAdded documentationAdded documentation for the BS Data DesignerDetails
Sep 14, 2020BS OfficePlaceholder Images in Excel Smart Templates

Add placeholder images to Excel Smart Templates. Make it configurable if the cell size is adjusted to the size of inserted images.

Sep 11, 2020BS MediaAdded new Media Catalog Smart TemplateAdded a Smart Template allowing to select and print previews of media files along with metadataDetails
Sep 07, 2020BS DeepSearchDesign improvementsAdded multiple little improvements like ESC key closes dialogs and search, design updates, etc.Details
Sep 03, 2020BS Adobe Creative CloudAdded Connector to Adobe CC LibrariesAdded a connector that bi-directionally synchronizes DAM folders to Adobe CC LibrariesDetails
Aug 31, 2020BS Cloud StreamsAdded Streaming of Products, Files and UsersSeveral improvements for Cloud Streams including streaming of Products, Files and UsersDetails
Jul 31, 2020Installation GuideAdded Section "Checkout modules per product"Added a table with all the svn checkout paths to be used for each BS productDetails
Jul 28, 2020BS Deep SearchSet the search logic for the Deep SearchThe search logic in the search bar of the Deep Search can now be set to either Google-like, AND or OR.Details
Jul 17, 2020BS Cloud StreamsAdded Streaming of SkinsWith this new stream type, the typical skin customizations of each project can be transported, for example, tree icons, search and portal skins plus dictionaries.Details
Jun 10, 2020BS Cloud StreamsAdded E-Mail Options for Cloud StreamsIt is possible to fine-tune E-Mail notification rules for Cloud Streams and to provide and select an E-Mail templateDetails
Jun 10, 2020BS SkillsAdded E-Mail Templates for BS MailsIt is possible to provide and select E-Mail templates now for BS MailsDetails
Jun 06, 2020BS Cloud StreamsAdded new Security Policies for Code Streams
  • Added new policy options
  • Allowing blocking selectable stream types
  • Creating manifest.json and requiring "custom" moduleType to make a module selectable
  • Allowing overwriting default security code validation
  • Sending an email to stream provider and consumer after installation
  • Allowing private streaming servers
May 30, 2020BS MediaAdded Class Assignment to Hotfolder LinkingAdded the possibility to assign classes in the Hotfolder linking scriptDetails
May 30, 2020BS MediaAdded BS Media Export Preset DocumentationAdded extensive documentation of the BS Media Export Preset Plugin.Details
May 30, 2020BS MediaAdded Rename Preset FunctionAdded a new preset function that allows renaming assets on the fly while downloading according to various parameters including referenced products.Details
May 30, 2020BS MediaAdded Remove Background Preset FunctionAdded a new preset function that allows to call up the API to remove backgrounds from unknown images using AI.Details
May 12, 2020BS DeepSearchAdded License Restriction for DeepSearchA new BS License Checkbox was added for the DeepSearch, which was technically not licensed yet. The restriction is available but not yet active and gives existing customers without license some time to retrieve a valid license until June 30th, 2020.Details
May 10, 2020BS DeepSearchAdded Option to show Facets even if not available for all search resultsThis is important for all DeepSearch customers. The new default now shows Facets maybe not relevant for all search results.Details
May 03, 2020BS SDL Language Cloud ConnectorAdded API integrated SDL Trados and XLIFF connectorAdded a new TMS connector synchronizing translation jobs with the SDL Language CloudDetails
Apr 30, 2020BS MediaAdded MAM Synchronization Script ArticleAdded a new article about the BS MAM Synchronization JobDetails
Apr 13, 2020Cloud Stream #94A617Class Icon Selector DialogAdds the long-awaited icon selection dialog in the class editor.Details
Apr 04, 2020BS Cloud StreamsInitial Release 1.0 of BS Cloud StreamsAdded a new module that allows publishing,  subscribing and transporting data and configuration between two servers.Details
Mar 12, 2020BS SkillsPortal Favorites List WidgetAdded a new Portal Widget that provides a studio list fenced with a search favoriteDetails
Mar 10, 2020BS OfficeSmart Excel DocumentsAdded an all-new Smart Template based on Microsoft Excel Files including Flex Table supportDetails
Mar 05, 2020BS Data DesignerBMEcat Export TemplateVarious improvements for the BMEcat Export Template
Feb 24, 2020BS SkillsAdded Data Flow Image Export with Public LinksAdded a new Data Flow Export Transformation Plugin for product images, which are transferred to a public URL location automatically during export.Details
Feb 20, 2020BS SkillsAdded support for backward timing of tasks created with BS Notification Workflow ActionIn the BS Notification Workflow Action, it is possible now to attach multiple tasks in one action and time them backward.Details
Feb 17, 2020BS SkillsAdded a button to insert CS Fields to the Richtext EditorAllows inserting CS Fields placeholders into text fields via an Attribute Selection dialog.Details
Feb 12, 2020BS SkillsAdded Mail Transfer Script for MAM FilesAdded context-aware ActiveScript that allows exporting MAM Files via Mail Transfer using Public LinksDetails

Feb 01, 2020

BS SkillsAdded new options to the Aggregate Values PlaceholderAdded "Range" mode to display min to max value range. Added option to show units.Details
Feb 01, 2020BS SkillsAdded Universal Unique Identifier Data TypeAdded a new attribute type, that automatically creates a UUIDDetails
Jan 27, 2020BS SkillsAdded Delegation User switchAdded links to switch other users and portals with one click in the main hamburger menu.Details
Jan 16, 2020BS SkillsAdded Timeline CSTypeAdded attribute type that visualizes the history of an object with a timeline bar in list and editorDetails
Dec 31, 2019BS SkillsAdded Notification Workflow Action PluginAdded new workflow action plugin, that notifies users about the action by sending E-Mails or attaching tasks to the workflow item.Details
Dec 28, 2019BS DeepSearchDirect assignment of Smart Presets and Active Scripts to Deep Search Areas and SharesProduct and Channel Shares allow now to directly define available Smart Presets and Active Scripts.
Dec 12, 2019BS SkillsAdded Sub Selection CSTypeAdded new attribute type, that allows sub selecting options from another select field.Details
Dec 12, 2019BS SkillsAdded Table Selection CSTypeAdded new attribute type, that allows selecting rows from Table attribute type.Details
Dec 10, 2019BS SkillsAdded E-Mail Active Job FinalizerAdded a new Active Job Finalizer, that allows sending Active Script Results to any E-Mail recipient as an embedded or downloadable linkDetails
Dec 08, 2019BS SkillsAdded Public Link APIA new API method allows transferring a CS file to a public Web Server and returning the public HTTP Url to that file.Details
Dec 06, 2019BS SkillsAdded E-Mail APIA new API method allows sending well designed and modern E-Mails from CS.Details
Dec 06, 2019BS DeepSearchSeveral Improvements for the DeepSearchAdded new options to globally predefine share settings
Fixed a bug in the share authorization
Dec 05, 2019BS PermissionsAdded DocumentationDocumented the BS Permissions module that allows to grant and revoke viewing and editing on object levelDetails
Nov 25, 2019BS SkillsAdded BS Housekeeping ExtensionsAdded new BS Housekeeping ActiveScript that extends the standard housekeeping by BS specific cache and log files cleanupDetails
Nov 22, 2019BS OfficeSearch Plugin for MS PowerPoint, Word and ExcelAll new Add-in for Microsoft Office to search and insert images from DAM assets or PIM products.Details
Nov 16, 2019BS SkillsImproved MAM hot folder linking to products by filenameExisting MAM hot folder linking script allows now also to move the linked file to a subfolder hierarchy of the target folder based on the product hierarchy linked to.Details
Nov 09, 2019BS SkillsVarious improvements in the Channel Synchronisation PluginAdded support for frozen channels and product-to-product or product-to-channel reference attributes that are resembled by creating real channels during synchronization.Details
Oct 30, 2019BS MediaAI-supported focus point detection in images using Google VisionUsing Google Vision API to detect the center of attention in images and create a focal point note for cropping actions.Details
Oct 21, 2019BS MediaAI-driven Background RemovalLeverage your subscription to simply remove backgrounds from any image using the latest AI algorithms.Details
Oct 18, 2019BS Amazon ConnectorData Flow Export to the Amazon Seller CentralData Flow Export Loader that sends export data directly to the Amazon MWS API.

Oct 16, 2019BS SkillsRun ActiveScript Workflow Action PluginWorkflow Action Plugin that allows starting a new ActiveJob in the context of the workflow objectDetails
Oct 14, 2019BS CockpitData Quality Cockpit TileAdded BS Cockpit tile for Data Quality visualization and navigation
Oct 08, 2019BS SkillsSmart Document Export by ActiveScriptExport and deploy Smart Documents using automate ActiveScript background processing.Details
Oct 07, 2019BS MediaMedia Viewer Attribute TypeAdded new attribute type that visualizes all kinds of media asset formats directly within the PIM product editor.Details
Sep 23, 2019BS AX Semantics ConnectorUse AX Semantics Natural Language Generation to create marketing textActive Script, Workflow Action and Data Quality Action that call up the AX Semantics REST API and store generated text back to the product.Details
Sep 23, 2019BS MediaCrop images around a "Focuspoint"Define the "Focuspoint" of images as a DAM note. Create an Export Preset that automatically crops images around that point.Details
Aug 05, 2019BS SkillsSmart SectionsA new concept to prepare Smart Document Sections with selected and ordered attributes and assign them to the Default Smart Preset.Details
Aug 02, 2019BS DeepSearch PortalDesign Updates according to latest Google UICSS based updates to reflect the latest Google look & feel like the rounded input field, colors and moreDetails
Aug 02, 2019BS SkillsMicrosoft SQL Server Data Flow Import ConnectorAdded Data Flow Import Extractor that allows importing data directly from Microsoft SQL Server.
Jul 23, 2019BS Media360° Spin View of ProductsProvide a 360-degree view of any kind of product by turning image frames into animationsDetails
Jul 21, 2019BS OfficeContent Viewer for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and  50+ File TypesExtracts page previews for over 50 file formats and allows to review them in a new content browser window.Details

Jul 18, 2019

BS Poductsup Connector

Allows converting any Contentserv Data Flow Export into a Productsup import.

With 1500+ channels available, Productsup supports the largest assortment of integrations for feed management and product content syndication, from the most popular to your own custom exports.

Jul 10, 2019BS Publishing Hub ConnectorExport Contentserv products and channels directly into the priint:suite Publishing Hub of Werk-ii.The BS Publishing Hub Connector allows exporting PIM Products or Channels as a structure or search favorite and passes it on directly to the priint:suite Publishing Hub REST API.Details
Jul 06, 2019BS Matomo ConnectorCollects and reports analytics information about the usage of Contentserv Search and Studio.Matomo’s full range of features in combination with the Contentserv Matomo Connector allows evaluating the entire user-journey of everyone who uses Contentserv.Details
Jul 05, 2019BS Default Smart TemplateHighly configurable Smart Datasheet TemplateHighly configurable SmartTemplate that allows rendering any kind of PIM product in a datasheet kind of style.Details
Jul 02, 2019

BS Google Manufacturer Center Connector

Data Flow Export to create and update product information in the Google Manufacturer Center.Google Manufacturer Center helps you provide the most up-to-date and authoritative product info into Google, making it available to potential customers.Details
Jul 04, 2019BS DAM Hot Folder UpdateActiveScript Plugin that imports DAM files dropped into a hot folder.ActiveScript that checks a hot folder for incoming files ("drop files") and uses them to replace existing DAM files ("match files").Details
Jun 20, 2019BS SkillsCassandra Data Flow Export LoaderAllows sending any Data Flow Export directly to a Cassandra keyspace.
Jun 20, 2019BS SkillsMySQL Data Flow Export LoaderAllows sending any Data Flow Export directly to a MySQL database table in delta or full export mode.
Jun 18, 2019BS Synchronize ChannelsSimple synchronization strategy between PIM products and their channels.Active Script and Workflow Plugin to synchronize new and updated PIM product structures into channel structures.Details
Jun 18, 2019

BS Wait ActiveScript Post Processing Step

ActiveScript Post Processing Step that waits a configurable amount of secondsPost Processing plugin that can delay the sequence of chained ActiveScript when required for a specific sequence.Details
Jun 16, 2019BS TranslatePlus ConnectorTMS Export Plugin to TranslatePlusExports and imports TMS Jobs to the TranslatePlus REST API. Allows also to import Machine Translations without considering them as approved.Details
May 22, 2019BS DeepSearch ThemesExtended the DeepSearch Portal by ThemesThemes allow login dependent skin and content within the DeepSearch. Added direct connection between Contentserv Portal login and Deep Search.
May 25, 2019BS Cockpit"Who is online?" Cockpit TileAdded a BS Cockpit Tile to show "Who is online?"

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