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BS Publishing Hub Connector

priint:suite connects your content with the publishing process and generates automated print products, OnDemand publishing and Digital publishing.

The priint:hub is a unique middleware that makes it possible to use data from different source systems via interfaces or as an import. This data is consolidated „virtually“ and made available for digital and analog marketing processes. Additional data can be created in the middleware by adding publication specific rules to the data.

The BS Publishing Hub Connector allows to export PIM Products or Channels as structure or search favorite and passes it on directly to the priint:suite Publishing Hub REST Api. Once the data is available in the Publishing Hub it can be used with all priint:suite components available from Werk-ii.

Installation and Setup

The BS Publishing Hub Connector is implemented as an Contentserv Active Script and resides in a modules BSLive/modules/publishinghub

To install this module has be to checked out to the Contentserv project modules directory.

The connector requires a Business Solution license for productive environments, which can be activated here at System Preferences / Settings / BS / License:

Once the connector is activated here, the Publishing Hub connection details can be configured here:

To create a connector finally create a new Active Script and select the BS Publishing Hub Export Plugin:


In a first step the data to be exported has to be defined.

  • Data Source: Products or Channels can be exported
  • Selection Method: Select by Root Folder or by Favorite
  • Language: Which language to export
  • PIM Attributes: Which PIM attributes to export
  • MAM Attributes: Wich MAM attributes, from files selected in the PIM attribute selection to export.
  • Image Format: DAM Export Preset or original file format
  • Create Tagged Text: If HTML Text Markup should be translated to Tagged Text Format
  • Send Push Request to Publishing Hub: If selected the exported XML file will be sent to the Publishing Hub REST API as POST Request. Otherwise only a download link will be generated in the Active Job Log. Such download links the can be selected manually or passed on to one of the Post Processing Scripts in the Automation tab of the Active Script. This allows to send the XML file via sFTP to servers or mail to humans.

Running the Export

When pressing the play button a job will be started, that creates an XML file like this:

Further Details

Click here for an example export xml file from BSLive for the TVs demo products.

The XML file is compatible with the com.priint.pubserver.plugin.entitydata_20131216.xsd definition, click the link for further details.

When the "Send Push Request to Publishing Hub" option is activated the XML file will be sent to the REST API of the Publishing Hub, click the link for further details.


To install the BS Publishing Hub Connector the following folders have to be checked out:

where [CS00] stands for the Major Version, e.g. CS19 for CS19.* Systems.

In a nutshell

The following PDF gives a simple overview of the BS Publishing Hub Connector. This PDF can be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

Click here to

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