360° Spin View of Products

The aim of this plugin is to provide a 360-degree view of any kind of product.

The plugin turns image frames into animations. It requires a number of images placed in a media folder and plays them frame by frame like a flipbook.

How to use the plugin

  • The name of the containing folder has to end with "spin". Case does not matter (e.g. "SPIN" or "_spin" works as well).
  • The images are displayed in the order of their file names. (Thus a naming system is recommended like _001, _002, ... makes sense).
  • The animation is displayed when you double click on the folder.
  • The product will perform a 360° spin every 4 seconds.

How to embed the Spin View in the PIM Editor

It is possible to embed such Spin Views also as normal reference attribute into the PIM editor. To do so create an attribute of type "BS Media File Viewer", which is available within BS Media.

In the PIM Editor then select the folder with the Spin Images:

This will embed the Spin Viewer automatically:

Further information about the "BS Media File Viewer" can be found here.