Crop images around a Focuspoint

Define the Focuspoint of images. Define an Export Preset that crops images around that point.

How to use the plugin

Add a "Focuspoint" to an image

Open an image in the MAM. Then add a "Focuspoint Note" to the image (like you would add any other note to the image).

The Focuspoint should represent the center of the image, in this case, the person's face.

Define a Media Preset

The Preset is defined as follows

  • Type: BS Export Preset Plugin
  • Operations: Resize
  • Resize: Cropped to Area
  • Align: Center of Crop Area is on Focus Point
  • Width or Height (or both) of the cropped image

Note: In this example crop the image to a 200px quadratic area around the face of the person.


The Preset returns an image that is

  • cropped around the face of the person with the defined proportions (1:1).
  • resized to the defined width and height (200 x 200 px)

What if an image does not have a Focuspoint note?

If an image is missing a Focuspoint, the cropped area will be taken from the center of the image.

AI Support

Note: When using BS AIM the focus-point and crop hints along with image meta data can be proposed automatically by the Google Vision API.