BS AX Semantics Connector

AX Semantics is about generating natural language driven by a simple list of key-value pairs. This concept also known as NLG for Natural Language Generation can be quite useful also for PIM systems like Contentserv because it allows to create large amounts of marketing text for any number of SKUs in a short time.

Once the rule set is configured AX Semantics can create text based on the data provided:

The integration of the AX Semantics REST API into this connector offers three use cases:

  • Active Job that sends product data to AX Semantics, retrieves a text in return and stores this text back to the product
  • Workflow Action that updates a text attribute by the AX Semantics text
  • Data Quality Action that can be triggered by any Data Quality Condition and also updates a given text attribute by the text delivered by AX Semantics


The Contentserv settings provide a new section "Settings/BS/AX Semantics Connector" that allows to store the "Refresh Token" and then to select a default collection. See the video at the end of this article to learn how to find the refresh token on the AX Semantics portal.

Generation through Active Job

There is a Active Script Plugin "BS AX Semantics Connector" that allows to select products and their attributes as input for the AX Semantics REST Api. Each product will be sent and create one document, combine it with the collection rule set selected and then call up the generate text method. The text generated will be then stored back to the product in a configurable text attribute.

Generation as Workflow Action

Another integration point is a new workflow action component. The configuration is quite simple and is similar to the Active Script concept. The only difference is, that the trigger for the text generation is a workflow step and the object retrieving the text is the current object.

Generation through Data Quality Action

The third possibility is to create a data quality rule and trigger the text regeneration automatically when the object is changed.

Watch the Movie

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In a nutshell

The following PDF gives an easy overview of the BS AX Semantics Connector. This PDF could be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

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