Background Removal

With BS Media you can leverage your existing subscription and use it to remove backgrounds of any image using the latest AI algorithms.



To activate this feature first go to and create an account. In the API section, you can copy out your API key. Paste this key to the global BS / Connector / API Key setting:


Below you can also provide padding like 20px or 10% that will be added to the object detected.

Usage as Context Tool

Once the key is provided and BS Media is licensed you will find a new context menu item on any image type MAM file or any MAM folder.

The original image in the MAM will be changed through this command and the background removed.

Usage as Rendering Preset Plugin

Another important use-case is to remove the background as DAM rendering preset. To achieve this, the functionality is also available as an operation plugin within the "BS Export Preset Plugin" called "Remove Background":