Timeline CSType

A new attribute type (also known as CSType) was added, which visualizes the complete timeline of the product. This attribute visualizes all the workflow states that the product has been during its lifetime in terms of percentage. In short, this attribute gives an overview of the product lifecycle.

The attribute can be used in two different “Display” modules:

  • “Bar” to display a collapsed colorful horizontal bar with one section for each historical version

  • “Report” to display an embedded timeline report

The display mode can be set within the attribute configuration.

When the display is set to “Report” two more settings for the report width and height become available (further up in the dialog):

The default of the with is 100% and for the height 800px. It is possible to generate a complete PIM editor tab with only the report if you set the “Description” of the attribute to “Hide” and use such an attribute as the only one in the tab. In this case, the height can also be set to 100% to fill the complete editor.

The different colors on the Timeline bar represent different workflow states. Mouseover on these colors gives more information about that workflow state which includes the Start and the End Time and percentage of the total time that the product was/is in this state.

This attribute can be configured for the list view in order to get an overview of the timeline of all the products under a category.


At the product level, this attribute is displayed on the Product Cockpit in a visually appealing form of a balloon chart. At the folder level though, one can see the familiar timeline visualization chart.