MAM Mail Transfer

There is a new ActiveScript available, that allows selecting files from the MAM and sending it similar to we:transfer in a mail with public links.

The ActiveScript can be found as “BS MAM Mail Transfer”:


The selected files will be published to a public server and then be sent by mail as download links:

To create such public links please configure the “BS / Skills / Public Link” settings properly in the global Contentserv options.

Interesting is now, that the Active Scripts is a context-aware ActiveScript, which makes it a useful tool within the MAM studio context menus.

To be available there, activate the checkbox “Context Sensitive” within the ActiveScript:

Additionally, give access to the users in the “Automation” tab, setting “Allow Access by”:

Once these prerequisites are completed, a user in the MAM studio can find the ActiveScript in the context menus of MAM files in the tree or lists: