Data Flow Image Export with Public Links

Within the BS Skills, there is a new Data Flow Export Transformation available, that allows exporting images or any other files to a public web server and then to return the URL to the public location.

As Contentserv PIM and DAM systems often run behind firewalls, the classical Data Flow export could end up with URLs to the images, that are not accessible by the receiver of the export file.

To solve this situation, the new plugin “BS Public Image Link” can be used. It

  • creates a URL to the exported file or image with the specified Image Export Preset and then

  • downloads the URL to a local cache on the webserver

  • transfers the local cache version to a configurable public webserver via SSH

  • and returns the URL to the new public version of the file


In any Data Flow Export Transformation Editor choose the Export Transformation Type “BS Public Image Link”:


In the setting for “Data Source Field”, the image attribute can be selected, which holds the relationship to the file or image to be exported.

The “Export Preset” allows to define, which rendering preset or none (“Original File”) should be used.

If the attribute is a multi-value image attribute it is possible to configure the separation characters and slice of images to be selected:

As shown in the “Sample Result”, all files will be transferred first to the public link location configured in the BS Skills settings and the URLs will be built to match this public server.

Further details regarding the public URLs can be configured here: