Favorites List Widget

With the BS Skills package, there is a new portal widget, that allows providing a simple studio list, which is fenced by a configurable search favorite.

This allows giving access to a flat list of data to a user, without permitting to leave the base data result:

Unlike a normal favorite list the user does not see the search form and for that reason can also not redefine or remove the search criteria.


This solution is built as a so-called portal widget. Portal widgets can be added to the portal tabs when the portal is in the “unlocked” state. To unlock a portal call up the popup menu by clicking on the hamburger menu:

In this unlocked state you can add new tabs by clicking on the “Add Tab” button:

In the popup dialog create a simple new empty tab, for example “My Products”:

In the new tab now click “Add widget”:

Finally, in the “Choose a Widget” dialog search and insert the “BS Favorite List Widget”:

The will be a new empty widget space now and you can choose the search favorite to be used in the “Widget Options”:

Here you then can choose from any “public” search favorite from any kind of data type:

As a result, you will get a portal tab showing the result of the favorite. Unlike a normal favorite list, the filter criteria are not visible and can also not be changed by the user. Additionally, the user can add his private search criteria, filters and sort orders: