Release Strategy | FAQ


In the past, Service Releases have been focusing on bug-fixes only. But while thinking about time-to-value, faster and more regular delivery of features and small usability improvements became essential!

Starting in April 2020, there won’t be Service Releases anymore! Instead, every 6 weeks, we will publish a Release – combining bug-fixes with selected features.

To underline this transformation, we are also changing the release numbers – the 2nd digit of the version number will be increased instead of the 3rd digit.

Since CS20.11 (July 2021), features from CS21 also get merged ​to CS20 to provide highlight features for customers in both versions step-by-step.

With the release of CS22, the versions now only differ slightly with the goal in mind to further minimise migration efforts. Therefore, we will only provide release notes for the head version (latest master version) and differences (if occuring) to other versions will be mentioned in the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new license, when I want to update to a newer version?

  • If you want to update to a new major version of CS, e.g. from CS19 to CS20, you need a new license. There is no change to the license management before the new release naming.

  • If you want to update to a new version in the same major version, e.g. from CS19.0.2 to CS19.1, you do not need a new license. We adapted the license management that the given license is valid for all versions in the same major version that is in use.

  • Still, there is a one-time license request necessary to migrate your license. This step is needed while doing the update from a version with the old naming convention to the new one. Just do a license request in your installation dialog. If you need help, please contact our support!

Do I need to follow special migration steps?

  • The change in version numbers does not require special steps to migrate data that need to be followed. There is no data model change related to the change of version number.

  • But, please check the release notes or release documentation, as a feature or fix of a release can require a migration, independently from the number change:

  • During installation or update, please note that in SVN, the location of the stable changed!

  • There is also no impact on the known migration path for major releases. Please migrate to each major release (CS X.0) version step by step.

Is there an impact on version support?

No, as the support for CS versions is always valid for major versions according to the agreements in the support contract. All versions belonging to a major version are included.