Downloading Information & Assets

There are multiple places where product information and media assets can be downloaded.

Downloading from the list of search results

Downloading from the preview area

Downloading by selecting multiple items

When you move the mouse over the results the items show a round selection checkbox on the left side of the item title:

When you start selecting, all items show the selection checkbox. Also next to the top title the number of selected items is displayed and an additional checkbox becomes available to select or deselect all items for all search pages.

The selected items can be

  • downloaded with the “Download” button in the toolbar

  • or shared with the “Share” button in the toolbar.

In all cases, you can choose from a predefined list of download formats.


You can define the available download formats in the ‘Actions' section of the Search Areas' or Shares' configuration.

Active Jobs

By default, only Smart Document Presets are available as download formats. But you can also use Active Jobs / Data Flow Exports.

In order for an Active Job to become available in the list of download formats, you have to check the Context Sensitive option in the ‘Properties’ of the Active Job.

Note: When no "Download Presets Filter" is selected, then Active Scripts are only available in the download dialog. This is due to backward compatibility reasons. This means that if you want to Use Active Jobs in your download formats you should explicitly select them.

Images & Files

With images, the definition of the download formats works analogously, except that you can choose between the available Media Presets here: