Basic Settings

In this article, we summarize basic settings important to the DeepSearch's general appearance and behavior but do not belong in a separate article.


The available languages for the Deep Search can be configured in

BS → Deep Search → Behavior

Default Display for Search Results

You can switch between the List View and the Thumbnail View in the top right corner of the Deep Search Portal.

Which of the two is used by default can also be configured in the Behavior settings.

Login to the Deep Search Portal in a standalone window

You can forward to the Deep Search in a standalone window upon login to a portal. That way, you can provide a portal with “just the Deep Search” (e.g., without the normal Contentserv header bar):

Search ‘Everywhere’

By default, there is a Search Area called 'Everywhere'. As expected, you can use it to search everywhere. In its sidebar, there is an overview of all other Search Areas.

In many setups, searching ‘Everywhere’ is not wanted so that you can switch it off:

There is also a new setting Limit 'Everywhere' Search Area that allows you to set the Search Areas searched in the 'Everywhere' search. It can also be beneficial for the performance if you can select fewer areas here.

Search Suggestions

Once you start typing in the search bar, suggestions for your search are generated. You should set a delay for that, which means that suggestions are generated only when you stop typing for a certain period of time. Since every search request requires resources, this value should not be set too low. The default value is 200 ms. You can use that as an orientation and adjust it according to the performance characteristics of your system.

Note that this is just the delay until suggestions start being generated. It will take longer until the suggestions actually appear.

If you want to switch off search suggestions completely, you have to do this for each Search Area or Share individually.


Search results can (and should) be cached for a certain period of time.

You can delete the Deep Search Cache with the Delete button.

You can also prevent future caching of search results with the Stop Caching option.

Search Logik (Google-like, AND and OR)

The Default Search Mode setting affects the search logic in the search bar. Generally, search terms separated by white space can be connected with an AND or OR in the search.

Usually, the Google-like search is recommended here. However, when the Google-like option is selected, the search logic behaves accordingly to the Core → Search & Find setting (see the second screenshot below). This is why we have added the option to explicitly overwrite this setting with the Search with AND and Search with OR options.

Dark Preview Boxes

In the Deep Search Settings, you can enable Dark Mode, which will show the right Preview Box with a dark background and a different color scheme.