BS MAM Synchronizer


Synchronizing files in the Media Asset Management module from Contentserv (MAM or also called DAM) can sometimes be difficult to understand, mostly because there is no visible UI that could be tracked and traced.

The MAM automatically synchronizes new files in the background using the so-called “Scheduler”-Thread. The Scheduler is started automatically if somebody logs on the system and then keeps running until the webserver is stopped or the scheduled processes crash. And that can sometimes be exactly the problem, which is then not visible.

When you are trying to sync an InDesign file with an InDesign server, which is configured but does not exist in that environment, such situations can occur.


For that reason with the BS Media, we are shipping an Active Script that does exactly the same, what the Scheduler would do, just that it runs within the well known and popular Active Script engine, allowing to:

  • manually or automatically start and stop the process

  • track the progress

  • give visibility to any issues that might occur during synchronization

The Active Script is called “BS MAM Synchronizer” and can be created in the Active Jobs area:

It allows selecting the

  • root folder to be synched and can run in

  • multi-thread mode, speeding up the results but also increasing the load on the system during the synchronization.

When executed the selected folders are first analyzed to also find and register files that are found in the file system but not in the MAM and to delete files that are in the MAM but can not be found on the file system anymore.

Afterward, the Active Script runs through all the folders and subfolders and explicitly and forcefully syncs each file found, making sure, that all files get proper previews and other metadata extraction as normal.