BS MAM Export Preset Plugin


With BS Media we ship also a very flexible and powerful MAM Export Preset Plugin. To use this plugin create a new MAM Export Preset and select as Export Preset Plugin “BS Export Preset Plugin”:

Once this plugin is selected it allows to select further operations, that are executed in the sequence of the selection:

For each selected operation further parameters may show up:

Previewing Renderings

At the end a test asset can be selected to preview the result at the right side:

Some operations can not be previewed as they modify the geometry of the image. To allow previewing also such operations there are two preview buttons in the toolbar as well:

  • The “Play” Button opens the test asset with the selected operations in a new browser window.

  • The “Download” Button executes a download of the asset. Some functions (like the renaming of assets through the preset) become only visible when executing such a proper download.

Setting a Background Color

Sets the background of the image to a certain color. This operation works only on transparent backgrounds.


Adding a Border

Adds a border around the image in a configurable color and thickness.

Changing the Canvas Size

Allows to enlarge the image canvas without resizing the image itself:

Changing the Color Space

Switches the color space between RGB and CMYK:

Applying Color Profiles

Allows to convert from one color profile to another:

This operation changes between the input and output color space files and applies the selected rendering intent. Possible values are:

  • Absolute Colorimetric

  • Perceptual

  • Relative Colorimetric

  • Saturation

Setting the Dpi

Sets the dots per inch (DPI) information for the image. The DPI is a recommendation to other apps in which size the image is intended to be embedded in a document. It has no real effect on the image itself.


Switching the File Format

Allows to switch the file format and especially with JPG as target format the quality level of the JPG in percent.

The following file types are available:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • PDF

  • TIF

Omitting the Preview

For performance reasons, all renderings are usually not derived from the original DAM file. Instead, an intermediate prerendered RGB file is used, called master.png. This allows generating derivates very fast and independent of the original file size and quality.

But sometimes this also leads to unwanted data loss, for example, if the derivate should have more image pixels as the master.png has.

To enforce in such a case the usage of the original file for the rendering, there is an operation “Omit Preview” available:

In the example above the resulting image has the required bounding box of 2100px x 1500px (the derivated image itself has 1971px x 1500px). Without the “Omit Preview” operation the image would be limited to 1280px x 974px, because the master.png has by default a width of 1280px.

Applying a Gray Scale

Converts the image to a black and white image.

Removing the Background

Removes the background using Artificial Intelligence provided by the Remove BG API, see the website at for further reading. Please be aware, that the removal of the background can take a couple of seconds, but is then cached. Also, costs around 50 Cent per rendering will apply to your Remove BG account, depending on your subscription plan, so use this operation carefully.


Renaming Files on the Fly

This operation has no effect on the image itself. Instead, it renames the resulting image when it is downloaded, which means then the ImageServer URL is called up with &download=true at the end. This is the case for example when the image is selected and downloaded in the DeepSearch portal.

The download name can be assembled by multiple naming components, which are concatenated with the configured “Naming Separator”.

The following naming components are available:

  • FileID

  • File Name

  • File Label

  • File Attribute Values - one or multiple MAM File attributes can be selected to contribute to the naming components

  • PresetID

  • Preset Name

  • Preset Label

  • Product Attribute Values - one or multiple product attributes can be selected to contribute to the naming components. All products are used, that have any kind of relationship to the asset according to the reference usage dialog. The number of related products can be limited to avoid unpredictable long file names.

  • Date and Time - the format of the date information can be defined using a date and time pattern, see for specifications.

  • UserID of the user downloading the asset

  • User Name of the user downloading the asset

  • Random Hash key - a 4 Character random Hash key, which gives over 1.6 million possible different combinations, or a probability of 0,00006% to create similar keys.


Resizing Dimensions

Offer various methods of resizing the image:

  • Contained in Area with Width and Height

  • Cropped to Area with various methods of determining the crop center. This includes the usage of crop hints and focal point notes available with BS Media.

  • Extend to Area with Width and Height and fill Color

Applying Transparency

Sets a configurable color in a PNG file to transparent.

Trimming Whitespace from Images

Trims away from outside to inside all edges that have the same color as the four corner points.

Overlaying a Watermark

Overlays the image with another configurable image, typically a transparent watermark image.