BS Event Queue

The BS Event Queue is an Active Script that processes events in the PIM or MAM asynchronously. Events can be the creation and deletion of items and changes for existing items.

The configuration of the script requires us to set a timeslot (Events from and Events until) in which the events are processed. The default Now - Now configuration does not capture any events. Thus we have to set Events from to a specific time when the Script runs for the first time. If Events from update is checked Events from will be set to the timestamp when the script was started - this happens only if the script finishes running without any errors.

The Event Type can be

  • PIM Products

  • PIM Channels

  • or MAM Assets.

All actions triggered by an event are then performed in plugins that subscribe to the events.

The illustration shows three different Plugins,

  • Synchronize Product

  • Mail Notification

  • Send Items As Cloud Stream

New event handlers can be implemented in additional Plugins.