BS in the Contentserv Cloud

Installation and setup of BS modules

You can manage the installation of BS modules from your cloud backend

In the Features/Add-Ons tab, you can install a module by simply clicking on it. The module will automatically be deployed and licensed and can be used immediately. The billing is taken care of by our sales department.

Deployment of updates and bugfixes

Updates and bugfixes of BS modules are committed to the svn repository and merged to the respective branch (CS17 / CS18, CS19 / CS20) by the Business Solutions team.

The new revision then gets deployed to cloud tenants automatically:

  • Staging and Presales tenants are updated in the night from Sunday to Monday

  • Production tenants are updated in the night from Wednesday to Thursday

In Help → About Contentserv → Modules you can see the version and the date of the last update of all BS modules.