Media URL Viewer Data Type

Sometimes media assets are not stored within the Contentserv DAM but instead located on other DAM or CDN systems. In this case, often only the URLs to the media assets are available in the PIM to at least be able to deploy the URLs on export.

To visualize such URLs there is a PIM data type available called “BS Media URL Viewer”, which serves two purposes:

  1. store and edit the URL or URLs as a normal textarea attribute could do with one URL per line

  2. visualize the URL or URLs in the PIM editor

When the product is checked in this could look like this:

When the product is editable the URLs can be seen and modified in a textarea above the image gallery:

URLs have to separated with newline characters. If there is only one URL provided, the image is displayed stand alone:


Multiple settings are available to control the appearance:

  • preview width

  • preview height

  • background-color

  • if images should be shown in cover or contain mode

Further ideas implemented on request would be the embedding of video players for video URLs or Youtube IDs, etc.