BS Google Translate TMS Connector

Within the Business Solutions, there are multiple TMS connectors, that allow exporting, importing or sideloading translations from external systems. One of these connectors is the BS Google Translate TMS Connector, which leverages an existing Google Translate subscription from Google Translate is universally known and used for its accurate machine translations and is extensively used to automate or partly automate translation tasks. Google Translate offers an exhaustive list of source-target language combination, unlike other Translators which specialize in certain few languages.

Supported Languages

The following 109 languages are supported by Google Translate as of October 2020.


To use the BS Google Translate TMS Connector you need a Google Cloud Translation account, which is charged based on monthly usage, basic charges being $20 per million characters. More details can be found at

Once you have a Google Cloud Translation account, you will get an authentication key that you need to copy to the BS Google Cloud Translate configuration within Contentserv.



Additionally, as with any TMS connector, you have to activate it in the BPM Translation Manager settings:


Once this is completed you are ready to use the Google Translate connector. Of course, you need the BS Google Connector license from Contentserv


Using the Google Translate Connector

When the connector is properly licensed, the API Key is set in the global options and the connector is activated in the BPM Translation Manager settings you will find multiple integration cases in the Translation Manager of Contentserv.

Google Translation Tips in the Term Editor

One simple way to import a translation is in the term editor. Here you will find a toolbar button with the tooltip "Translate via Google Translator", which will send the text in the source language to the Google API and fill the returned translation to the target language editor:


Use Google Translations in the Term List

Another way of using the connector is the context menu in the TMS terms list:



This will send all selected terms to Google Translate and write the translations back.

Use Google Translations as Export Plugin

Last but not least the BS Google Translate Connector shows up in the Export tab of the TMS jobs in the list of "Automatic Export" plugins:



When this plugin is selected the terms will be sent to the Google Cloud Translation API as soon as you click on the download or upload buttons in the editor's toolbar.

In a nutshell

The following PDF gives an easy overview of the BS Google Cloud TMS Connector. This PDF can be used by Salespersons, Business Users, Marketing, etc.

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