BS Review

The module BS Review is a collection of multiple features intending to simplify and streamline the product review and approval process.

The module provides the following tools:

  • Simplified product editor with local tree environment

  • Simplified task list in “Remember the Milk” style

  • Cockpit Integrations

  • Information per mail on product changes

Cockpit Integration

The BS Review Editor

Simplified Product Editor

The BS Review Editor shows a simplified tree structure starting from the parent of the reviewed product. This allows focusing on the product and variants, without navigating through large tree structures. It is possible to show one or two levels above the current product.

Simplified task list in “Remember the Milk” style

In the control frame on the right side of the product editor, there is a new tool called “Comments”. It shows the normal BPM tasks, available with the CS BPM Project Manager. The appearance however is greatly simplified like in classical “Remember the Milk” apps.

New tasks are added by entering text in the “Add Comment” section.

Press [Enter] to create the task:

  • The checkbox on the left side marks the task as “Finished”. Finished tasks are still shown but struck through.

  • The x icon on the right side deletes the task. Hold the [ALT-Key] to avoid the confirmation dialog.

  • By clicking on a task the BPM Task Editor shows up and allows working on the details:

Information per mail on product changes

Often product managers want to keep an eye on their products. While they allow others to work on them, they still want to be informed about changes.

To set up such a notification chain, create a new ActiveScript with the Script Plugin “BS Event Queue”. Such an event queue can be scheduled to run regularly, for example, once a day in the tab “Automation”. Every time it runs, it will check for changed products since the last run and then notify the “Event Listeners” plugins.

Select the “Mail Notification” listener, available with the BS Review module, to enter one or multiple e-mail addresses, separated by comma or semicolon.

Cockpit Integrations

When you are using the BS Cockpit, you can opt in many tiles to show linked products with the BS Review editor instead of the normal product editor.

For example in the Object List cockpit tile, there is an option in the “Behaviour” section to open “On Click” the product in the BS Review editor.

Also it is often helpful to directly navigate to a specific editor view (like here “Text Fields”) to show only attributes required for the intended workflow step: