Differential Media File Exports

Sometimes it is required to regularly export modified files the DAM to external systems. With BS Media there is a BS Event Plugin available, that hooks as event listeners into the BS event queue and exports only the changed files.


To set up this concept create a new Active Script running the “BS Event Queue” at a regular schedule of your choice:

Activate the “Events from update” to reset the “Events from” filter after any successful job has been completed. This will make sure, that whenever the script runs, it will export only the files changed since the last run.

The actual export is then executed by the “Mam File Export” plugin, that can be added at “Event Listeners”.

Filtering the Events

In the section “Event Filter” the area of DAM files to listen to can be narrowed down by

  • Select by Folders / Favourite or All Files

  • Select Node Types

  • Select Worklow State Filter

Specifying the Export Format

Finally, in the section “Mam File Export” you can choose:

  • The DAM Export Presets including the Original File Format

  • To re-create the exact folder structure as seen in the DAM or just export all to one flat list

  • To add the DAM Export Preset to the file name

  • To consider only files, when the file content has changed. Otherwise files will be exported also when only the meta data changed.

Package and Transfer the Export Results

The export is technically executed by adding a “Result Link” log entry to the ActiveJob protocol.

This seems to be not really helpful, as nobody wants to click and download the assets one by one. But here the concept of the “Post Processing Steps” in the “Automation” tab comes into the play:

Here you will find a wide range of tools to transfer all “Result Links” to a configurable target system, for example by rsync or sFTP to a remote server.