InDesign and Links Package Export

With BS Media there is an additional export button for InDesign files, which allows to package and zip-download InDesign files including the linked assets. This allows the InDesign client after a simple relink step to open the InDesign file including the images and create highres PDF documents.

The Download button opens an intermediate dialog showing an Active Script prepared for this purpose:

The following options are available:





InDesign Folders and Files

Normally the current document is preselected here. It is possible to select also complete folder structures or multiple files here.

Create Folders per File

If this option activated, the resulting export zip file will contain one folder per each InDesign file with separated “Links” sub folders.

Add InDesign Files

If activated, the InDesign files will be added to the package.

Add Image Files

If activated, the images linked within the InDesign files will be added to the package.


Also without the availabitliy of an InDesign server Contentserv in conjunction with BS Media can find out, which images are linked from the InDesign file, when DAM files with the same filename can be found.

To verify, which image links have been identified, review the “Document Properties” tab in the DAM Editor:

Once the export is running all packaged files will be listed in the export log. The final link is the Zip package with all selected InDesign and image files.

When the zip file downloaded and unpacked the contents are organized depending on the export options:

The linked images are located then in a subfolder of the InDesign file and can easily be relinked:

In the next version of the InDesign Package Export we will also add an InDesign Package Import, that allows to reupload the Zip file with the InDesign and image files. The Zip file will be unpacked by Contentserv and the media files will be replaced by the uploaded ones, if changed.

Also it could make sense to provide an option to pack the lowres images only on export, to retrieve a smaller package, as long as the hires images are not relevant.