Http Transfer Script Finalizer

Script Finalizers are plugins, that can run after any Active Job and execute some finale script activities. The BS Http Transfer Script Finalizer can be configured to run at the end of an Active Job and to transfer script results via an HTTP Request. Often Active Scripts create some downloadable result through so-called Result Log Links. Such Log Links will be transferred along with the HTTP Request. A typical use case would be to define a Data Flow Export in an automated job and then send the resulting export file to a recipient Rest Service.

To use the “BS Http Transfer” create an Active Script that provides result links, for example a Data Flow Export.

Then add in the “Automatin” tab the Post Processing Step “BS Http Transfer”:

In the form below the selection you can provide:






The URL to be called including the protocoll and all required URL parameters


The HTTP method to be used. Most likely this will be POST or PUT depending on the specification of the retrieving REST service


None or Basic. More sophisticated authentication concepts could be added as feature request.

Authentication User and Password

Depending on the Authentication method more credential parameters can be provided


HTTP Headers can be provided with one header per line. The header name and value are separated by color (:)

Http Body

The HTTP Body can be defined by the following tokens:

  • {FileContent} - the binary file content

  • {FileContentBase64} - the base64 encoded file content

  • {FileName} - the file name