BS Translate Plus TMS Connector

About the Translate Plus TMS Connector

The Contentserv TMS module allows for collecting content, for example, from a PIM product and creates translation jobs from it. TMS plugins can then pick up the terms in those translation jobs and exchange them with external translation management solutions.

The BS Translate Plus TMS Connector connects the Contentserv TMS via a SOAP API with the Translate Plus platform. It can export any translation job from Contentserv to Translate Plus. The actual translations are then performed on the Translate Plus platform. Completed translations are imported back to Contentserv, and subsequent Workflow Actions can be triggered automatically.

Together, the Contentserv TMS and the BS Translate Plus TMS Connector allow for building a sophisticated end to end translation pipeline.

Installation and Setup

The connector module can be checked out from the svn repository:

To use the Translate Plus Connector, the license option has to be activated in the BS License settings.

Then, when you insert your valid Translate Plus GUID the connection with the Translate Plus API can be established.

Once the connection is established, you can set some default values used when translation jobs are created.
The Debug Mode writes additional log files and should only be activated for debugging purposes.

Now you can select the BS Translate Plus Translation Export for any TMS job, submit the data to Translate Plus for translation, and import the content back once the translation is finished.

Integration with the Contentserv Translation Manager

Like all other Contentserv TMS connectors, the Translate Plus connector hooks into the “Automatic Export” drop-down in the “Export” tab of TMS jobs:

Basically Translate Plus has two translation modes: Machine Translation and Human Translation.

The following options are available:





New state of the imported entries

Defines to which state the reimported terms should be set.


The connector that’s used for the translation job. A default value can be defined in the global settings.

Purchase Order Method

An optional purchase order (PO) number which for some customers is an essential requirement of placing an order.

Currency Method

You must provide a valid currency in which you would like to be billed by translate plus for this work.

Brand Method

Allows you to add a brand to your sending.


Workflow Actions that will be performed after the translation is finished, return status proofreading.


Workflow Actions that will be performed after the translation is finished, return status final.

Smart Preset Method

Select a Smart Document preset to add it as a context document.

Smart Document Languages

Languages ​​in which you are sending the context document.

Smart Document Classes

Product classes for which you create and send the context document.

Use Memory

This Option available in Translation Mode Machine Translation.

Human Post Edit

This Option available in Translation Mode Machine Translation and allows context documents to be added.

Customer Notes

An optional string containing human-readable notes about this request which might be meaningful to our project managers and/or translators. This Option available in Translation Mode Human Translation.

Deadline Days

Deadline in days from dispatch. This Option available in Translation Mode Human Translation.


Importing completed translations from Translate Plus with a scheduled background job

This module ships with the BS Translate Plus Import Active Script Plugin.

Each time this Active Script runs, it will query for completed translations and import them to the Contentserv TMS.

The logs of the Active Jobs provide information about the imported translations.