Class Icon Selector Dialog

PIM Classes can be defined with colored icons, that become visible for example in the tree. With BS Skills installed you can choose such icons along with their color in a popup Dialog.

This dialog will automatically offered, when you click on the class icon field in the PIM attribute editor:

Icon Libraries

Icon are organized in libraries, that can be selected in the top navigation:

  • Icomoon - all icons from admin/images/library/icomoon/vector

  • Contentserv - all icons from admin/images/library/contentserv/vector

  • Custom - all icons from [Project]/images/library/contentserv/flat/vector

  • Custom PNG - all icons from [Project]/images/library/contentserv/flat/16x16

Icon Color

When you click on the color sampler in the bottom bar or simply double click on the color value you can pick a color from a color selection dialog:

When closing the icon selector dialog with “OK” the class icon is defined: