BS Cloud Stream Plugin - Skin Files and Settings

With the Cloud Stream data type “Skin Files” and “Skin Settings” it is possible to stream everything required for customizing the look and feel of your Contentserv project:

  • The plugin “Skin Files” allows transporting file-based skin definitions including custom icons, DeepSearch and OpenSearch customizations, custom string functions, portal skins and translations in the templates/Dictionary.*.csv files

  • The plugin “Skin Options” allows transporting all global system preferences within the Core / Skin section like colors and logos.

Transporting Skin Files

The “Skin Files” data type allows transporting various files and folders which are typically important to contribute to skin modifications, for example:

  • Class Icons from the [project]/images/library/contentserv/flat/vector/ folder

  • CSS files from the [project]/plugins/deepsearch and opensearch folders

  • Stringfunctions from the [project]/core/extensions/stringfunctions folders

  • Portal skins from the [project]/plugins/portal/skins folders

  • Custom Translations from [project]/templates/Dictionary.*.csv

Transporting Skin Settings

Contentserv allows defining custom skin settings in the global system preferences:

These settings can be transported with the data type “Skin Settings”:

When the checkbox “Skip empty Values” is activated, only settings are added to the stream which are not empty.

When the checkbox “Add Skin Images” is activated, the linked media files for the logos and background images are packed to the stream. The streaming of media files though is only available with the BS Cloud Stream Pro license.