Review Editor

When editing a single SKU or product it is often important to understand the local tree environment. The parent of an SKU item is typically a product, while the siblings resemble similar variants and children on the other side variations of a product.

Look at the product called “Turbo Neo Expert - Blue” in this screenshot:

When editing this product it would be important to know, how the children are defined and the other way around.

But what, when the entry to the editor is a stand-alone window, for example:

  • a popup opened from a workflow notification email?

  • an editor opened from a search portal or search list in the studio?

  • an editor opened from a dashboard listing?

Here the concept of the review editor can be helpful, which shows a subtree on the left side of the product showing the local tree environment:

  • for an SKU or tree end node, the immediate parent is shown as tree root

  • for a product or tree folder the node plus the tree below it:

The entry point can for example be the BS cockpit:

The cockpit tile “ObjectList” for example allows specifying at the end of the tile configuration an “On Click” handler:

This handler can be set to “Show Review Editor”:

And then opens the editor with the local subtree: