Transferring project dictionaries

About project dictionaries

A project dictionary can be used to translate elements like attribute labels and class labels.

All project dictionaries are CSV files inside [project]/templates/. They follow a naming convention. They must be named Dictionary.[LANGUAGE].csv, where [LANGUAGE] is the short name of the language, e.g. Dictionary.en.csv or

For viewing or modifying a dictionary file in the MAM a right is required:

A dictionary file then looks like this:

You can manage your dictionary files via the MAM.

Replacing a dictionary via Cloud Stream

With the Skin Files plugin, you can transfer a project dictionary to another system. This will replace the dictionary file in the receiving system.

Updating a dictionary via Cloud Stream with a dictionary file from the MAM

With the Dictionaries plugin, you can select a CSV dictionary from the Contentserv MAM. This dictionary must follow the naming convention for project dictionaries.

When the Cloud Stream is received, it will update the project dictionaries following the naming convention:

  • New dictionary entries will be added to the existing project dictionaries

  • Existing translations will be updated/overwritten

For us, it turned out to be sensible to place the dictionary files in folders that describe the purpose of the dictionaries (because the dictionary files themselves must follow the naming convention).