Data Flow Export Orchestrator Active Script

The BS Data Flow Export Orchestrator is an Active Script that can run multiple Data Flow Export Scripts with multiple languages and write the results to different worksheets of a single .xlsx document. It supports the export of PIM Products and PIM Channels. It integrates with OpenSearch. You can configure it as Context Sensitive.

Configuration of the Data Flow Export Active Scripts

  • The Data Source Type can be set to PIM Products or PIM Channels, depending on the Context Class of the Data Flow Export Orchestrator (both should be the same).

  • All Data Flow Export scripts must export to .xlsx (“Spreadsheet - one XLSX file with all records)

  • All scripts must be configured as Context Sensitive.

  • In the product selection, each script can use different filters and attributes. Please be aware that the filters only work correctly with the configured context class.

  • Each Data Flow Export can use a different worksheet name. If multiple languages are exported to the same document, the language’s short name is attached to the worksheet name.

  • The script's filename that is executed last is used as the resulting filename.

Configuration of the Data Flow Export Orchestrator Active Script

  • The Context Class can be set to either PIM Products or PIM Channels.

  • The Data Flow Export Orchestrator Active Script can be configured as Context Sensitive. If it is Context Sensitive, only the configured Context Class is supported.

  • If it is configured Context Sensitive, make sure to set the “Allow Access by” → “Anybody” option in the Automation tab of the configuration.

  • Multiple languages can be exported at once.

  • The current (data-) language is used if no language is selected.

  • Multiple Data Flow Export scripts that are both Context Sensitive and export to .xlsx can be selected.

  • The resulting files can be split by language or Data Flow Export script.

  • If a script logs additional result links (e.g., to MAM files), those logs will be logged by the orchestrator script.

  • Post Processing Steps can be used (and configured in the Automation tab)

Context Sensitivity

When the BS Data Flow Orchestrator Active Script is configured Context Sensitive, it can be executed from different contexts. This supports:

  • Product lists

  • Product trees

  • OpenSearch (for OpenSearch support, it is not necessary to configure the script as Context Sensitive)

  • Deep Search