Supplier Communication with Messages


With the new Messages feature, Suppliers and PIM administrators can now talk to each other or even between themselves - acting like a ticketing system allowing users to:

  • Create a Message

  • Provide a description of the problem or an activity

  • Assign it to themselves or to other relevant groups

  • Track the status of these activities from within the Onboarding Portal

Using Messages

Messages are available across Catalogs, as well as per Catalog as soon as you permit the user role to work with messages here:

Browse to the Catalogs tab in the navigation and select the message bubble towards the top-right to start using Messages across Catalogs or select a Catalog first and then select Messages to access messages for the selected Catalog only.

Alternatively, a new tab in the navigation can be configured to jump directly into Messages.

Selecting the message icon or tab launches the Messages dialog - a dual-pane window that displays the list of messages on the left and the details of the selected message on the right.

Message List

The list of Messages displays all messages that are currently available. Details such as:

  • Title

  • Updated (Date and Time)

  • Status

are visible in the list.

Users can also filter through the available messages - either by Status or by Catalog.

New Messages

Click on the '+' button in the toolbar above the list of messages to create a new Message. In the right pane, fill in details such as Supplier and Catalog (these are automatically populated if created within a catalog), message Title, and Description.

Next, assign the message to either a Supplier or a PIM administrator. There are currently four statuses available for a message:

  • Unassigned

  • Assigned to Supplier

  • Assigned to PIM

  • Closed


  • Only PIM Administrators can edit Message titles and descriptions; the fields are read-only to Suppliers.

  • Messages are unassigned by default and must be manually assigned to other groups.

  • Messages assigned to the current user i.e. Supplier or PIM Administrator, are always depicted with the red icon.

Updating and Commenting on Messages

Once an activity has been performed, users can update a message by commenting on a message and then reassigning the message to another group.


Users are notified if/when there are open tasks by an unread messages banner over the Messages icon.

Limitations & Enhancements

  • Notifications: At present, users are notified of new Messages from within the Onboarding Portal only. Email notifications are currently in development and will be available in the next release.

  • Cell-Level Messages: In a future release, users will be able to create new messages directly from the data grid by commenting on individual cells.