Product Maintenance by Suppliers


The Onboarding Portal enables suppliers to upload, review and enrich an assortment of products for a manufacturer or retailer before importing them to PIM.

Enhancing this capability is the new Product Maintenance feature available to suppliers:

  • Within Catalogs: Suppliers can now view the products that have been imported to PIM from their Catalogs.

  • By Assignment: PIM Administrators can assign Suppliers to existing PIM products so that suppliers can update specific attribute values in those products.

Assigning Products to Suppliers

The assignment of PIM products to suppliers is documented in a reference table, that stores for each product the connected supplier, catalog (optional) and catalog row (optional). To add references to this table and therefore give access to suppliers there are two ways:

  • Direct assignment through the UI based on a product selection

  • Indirect assignment through the Data Flow Import using an automated import transformation rule.

Once you have assigned products in one or the other way, you can use a special attribute with the type “Onboarding Suppliers”:

In the product editor, you will view assigned suppliers and catalogs:

Direct Assignment of Products to Suppliers

To assign products, collect them in a normal PIM list and call up up context menu item “Edit Suppliers”:

This will open up a dialog, in which you can add and/or remove multiple suppliers:

Click “OK” to take over this change.

Indirect Assignment via Data Flow Import

The other way to assign products to suppliers is to use a special Data Flow transformation of the type “Onboard Reference”. Such a transformation is automatically created and added to the Data Flow Import of all Onboarding Catalogs:

For each imported product, the catalog row will be added to the list of assignments.

Configuring Product Maintenance

To set up the maintenance of products for Suppliers, browse to Settings>Onboarding Portal>Supplier Product List from the navigation.

Here, an administrator may configure the attributes that a supplier is allowed to view and/or edit, as well as whether the attributes are displayed with or without sections in the product editor.

Note: The attributes configured here in the Onboarding Portal settings are in addition to the attributes available in each template linked to a Supplier.

For example, a supplier who can use the Bikes template will be able to view and/or edit attributes assigned to that template

AND then the attributes configured in the settings.

If a product has simply been assigned to a supplier without first being imported via a Catalog, then the fields of all onboarding templates accessible to the supplier plus the attributes configured above will be used.

Maintaining Products

To give access to suppliers to their products there is a new Studio and Navigator Link called Onboarding Products:

Products are displayed in a simple list and can be filtered based on Catalog (by Suppliers) and Suppliers (by PIM Administrators).

Selecting a product from the list launches the standard product editor which displays only those attributes that the supplier is allowed to view and/or edit.

Suppliers can update products and then send them back to the PIM Administrator via the usual Contentserv workflow.