Simple Excel Export Script

Enables simple business users to quickly export a configurable Excel file from a PIM list, selection, search or tree. To enable users to run their own exports first create an Active Script Preset using the “BS Simple Excel Export”:


  • a Label

  • default attributes

  • activate “Context Sensitive”

  • and give access to the users in the “Automation” tab at “Allow Access by”:

This is all you need to run your first export in the following scenarios:

  • Context Menu of the PIM tree (including all children)

  • Context Menu in the PIM list on a selection

You can find the Simple Excel Export at Process => Execute => Simple Excel Export (or what ever you label was):

In the popup dialog you can select further attributes or continue with the selection from the last run:

Press “OK” to run the export and download the file from the execution log:

The exported Excel File will look like this:

If you need more sophisticated Excel exports with custom templates, well-defined data transformations per attribute, etc. please use the classical Data Flow Export definitions.